Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.731 Walker’s father? Dead?


The mutated beasts scattered, and Walker stood there holding the flying knife, looking like a fool.

Hearing Walker's remark, William almost kicked him flying.

"Wow, you really have some imagination!"

William was amazed that Walker so easily believed the offhand remark he had made.

Just moments before, William had also taught Walker how to utilize and control the power of the divine flying knife, ensuring it wouldn't wreak havoc when used.

This time, unlike when he sealed the power of the Sword of Soulbreaker, he didn't seal the knife's power but instead awakened its spirit, leaving the rest up to Walker.

The Sword of Soulbreaker, having been with William and involved in too much killing, possessed a Sword Spirit with overwhelming power. Without sealing it, Alice, commanding the Sword Spirit in the Divine Realm, would be invincible, making any special training or experience unnecessary.

William and the others were enjoying some barbecue when Walker appeared like a bolt of lightning not far from them.

"Holy shit! Wes! What's going on here?" Walker hovered in the air, standing on the flying knife, warily eyeing the giant wolves resting around Wes.

Seeing that Walker was unharmed, just his clothes torn to shreds, wearing only large shorts, Wes pondered, "You're alright?"

"I'm fine? Are you guys okay? What's with these mutated giant wolves?" Walker's facial muscles twitched violently, "Are you guys having a picnic here?"

Wes was at a loss for words for a moment, realizing perhaps William was putting Walker through trials. Having witnessed William's strength, sitting next to him felt particularly reassuring.

He couldn't believe any beast could be a match for William.

In this world, Moros was a figure to be revered, yet even he had to show respect in William's presence.

What kind of mutated beast could be so powerful as to be invincible?

"These wolves are friendly with Amy,there won't be any trouble," William spoke up, thinking of Walker's rich imagination, he felt it was good for him to continue facing challenges...

"William, it was you who called for reinforcements, right?" Walker glanced deeply at Amy, having heard that her master might be one of the high-ranking god-kings, and that she possessed certain artifacts that could deter beasts from attacking. It seemed quite normal.

"Yep!" William replied, "I originally thought I'd be coming to collect your corpse with Wes."

"Hey! You ran so fast, you didn't see what I was actually facing. At least ten thousand strong mutated beasts had me completely surrounded..."

Walker was about to boast about his achievements when William interrupted him: "I saw you being toyed with by that giant tiger!"

"I... My flying knife flew out, and all the beasts were scared off in all directions!" Walker scoffed coldly, as if he really had scared off all the beasts with his flying knife.

William looked at him with a strange expression.

That look clearly said: "Keep talking, keep blowing your own trumpet!"

"You got played by a tiger!"


Damn, this embarrassing plot twist is unavoidable!

Feeling William's gaze, Walker retorted, "What do you know!"

Wes sized up Walker and asked, "Walker, what's your current strength level?"

"The same as always." This time, Walker didn't exaggerate too much, instead, there seemed to be a deliberate attempt to hide his true strength.

Wes didn't press further but said, "Let's head back. According to satellite monitoring, too many S-class beasts have appeared recently!" He said this while glancing meaningfully at William.

The implication was clear,he wanted William to take action.

Just S-class!

If William was willing to step in, cleaning them up would be a breeze."Don't look at me, I'm just a novice Soulmancer, you wouldn't want me to fight S-class beasts, would you? I've said it before, I don't want to be famous." William still decided to play it safe.

Walker also laughed and said, "Wes, just leave William alone. This kid, apart from running fast, doesn't have real combat strength that matches Amy's."

Hearing this, Amy made a face at Walker.

"What are you talking about?"

Amy is already quite strong, but because of her age, she's always been in the process of increasing her strength. She hasn't experienced life-or-death battles, so it's no wonder she was terrified at the sight of the giant wolf.

Wes didn't know what to say in response to Walker's comment.

William's terrifying strength is just referred to as running fast?

He can annihilate a deity with a mere wave of his hand!

But William has said he doesn't want to be famous, and whether it's because of their relationship or out of politeness, Wes felt it wasn't right to reveal William's true capabilities.

"And who was it that had their flying knives split in two by Amy?" William said as he casually cleared away the table and utensils.

Walker was stunned. "A spatial magic artifact?"

"Never seen one?" William used a spatial storage ring, which was far superior to any spatial magic artifact.

"What are you talking about?" Walker said with a slight smile, "You probably don't know that my master Moros is known as the God of Space. See these underpants? They were enchanted by my master himself."

William glanced at him, puzzled.

Can spatial magic now turn underpants into storage magic artifacts?

Moros really is creative.

Wes clenched his teeth, holding back laughter, not daring to speak.

Damn, what a fool. Your master Moros was just showing utmost respect in front of William, and here you are, showing off a pair of underpants that can store items with spatial power.

Walker turned around and pulled a flying knife from his underpants, as if performing a magic trick.


Walker was quite proud.

Wes didn't know what to say for a moment.

Storing a knife in such a place, well, that's really something...

"Impressive! Impressive!" William couldn't help but praise.

Walker didn't say much after that, and the group returned to the base. After changing into fresh clothes and closing the door, Walker whispered to William, "William, do you know what just happened to me?"

"Hmm?" William raised an eyebrow.

"It's that flying knife you gave me,it must have been left to me by my dad!" Walker said with narrowed eyes. "Now that I can use that knife perfectly, my combat strength has increased so much that Amy probably isn't a match for me anymore."

Actually, Walker has never really respected Amy.

To him, that kid is just like a pay-to-win player in a game, starting off with god-tier equipment and experiencing crazy growth in experience points.

If Amy hadn't used the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian last time, Walker felt he might not have lost.

"How do you know the flying knife was left to you by your dad?" William asked through gritted teeth. "I just picked it up in the Doors of Terror."

"You don't know, just now, I was surrounded by a bunch of mutated beasts, but suddenly I was transported to a mysterious space, and then this handsome man in white appeared and instantly taught me how to use the knife," Walker said excitedly. "He told me himself—he's my dad."

"You know I was found by my previous master as a baby by the river in the mountains. According to the usual script, I must have a mysterious and powerful lineage, and this flying knife is a family heirloom that fatefully returned to my hands." Walker paused suddenly, "If the man I saw really was my dad, then he must be dead by now! He's become the Weapon Spiri of this flying knife!"

"Hmph! Serves him right for dying! To think he abandoned me and threw me into the river, as if I could ever forgive him!"

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