Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.730 My dad is the god of the flying knife!

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.730 My dad is the god of the flying knife!

Surrounded by ferocious beasts, Walker also sensed the presence of Zephyrion the Violet, a pressure that penetrated deep into his soul, rendering him powerless to resist.

If that person made a move, he wouldn't even have the chance to fight back.

But at that moment, the beasts encircling Walker also stopped their movements.

Fierce birds in the sky began to fall, everything in the heavens coming into view.

The ten great deities of witchcraft had arrived.

Walker saw Zephyrion the Violet too. He initially thought the deities of witchcraft would attack this purple-haired oddity, but suddenly felt a surge of energy.

The once haughty purple-haired figure fell from the sky, apparently dead.

What was important was the method used to kill this purple-haired oddity.

Celestial Blade Art!

A surge of fighting spirit erupted in Walker, and he gained some insight.


The slash William had just executed also had his purpose.

Directly transmitting the secrets of the Celestial Blade Art through subconscious means to Walker could only impart the most superficial aspects. The ultimate execution of the Celestial Blade Art by William might have been too fast for Walker to even see the shadow of the flying blade, but any insight gained would undoubtedly be beneficial to him.

After Moros left, William continued to clean the scales off the pangolin's tail.

Apart from the scales, the pangolin's tail was all meat.s previously hunted pangolins mostly for their scales.

It was ironic, really. If some authoritative expert claimed that eating dog feces had health benefits, like strengthening the body, anti-aging, and beautifying effects, probably all dogs would be penned up just to collect their feces.

Pangolin scales, which have some blood-activating and lactation-promoting effects, led to their tragic hunting.

William didn't think too much about it,he had eaten too many things already—Giant Panda, Jaguar, Florida Panther, American Bison—those were just for fun in those years.

After cleaning off the scales and rinsing the blood from the meat, the tender, white flesh of the pangolin was left without any excess fat.

"Amy, lend me your sword," William said, extending his hand toward Amy.

Amy handed over the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian to William.

Taking the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, William's wrist flicked, making more than ten cuts on the tail, then skewered the meat with a single thrust of the sword.

William rested his hand on the blade of the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian, which heated up to about 130°F. He then placed it over the campfire. This way, the inside stayed tender and juicy while the outside turned golden and crispy, creating a perfect taste sensation.

Amy watched, her eyes wide with amazement.

She had learned swordsmanship from the sea god Poseidon and magic from Zeus. The cuts William made on the pangolin's tail seemed simple, yet they appeared to be anything but ordinary.

The greatest sword techniques often don't involve flashy moves,they are usually the most straightforward, basic actions.

Surprisingly, this time Amy was more captivated by the swordsmanship than the roasted meat.


A tree branch landed in Amy's hand, and she seemed to enter a peculiar state, mimicking William's sword movements.



Three times!


William hadn't expected Amy to be drawn to swordsmanship, it seemed Poseidon had taught her well over the recent years.

The meat was now cooked, yet Amy continued to swing the branch repeatedly.

Her movements were simple, just like the ones William had just demonstrated, but different from the secret sword techniques taught by Poseidon.

Amy didn't even know why she kept swinging the sword,it was probably an act of the subconscious.

"Come on, let's eat," William said with a wave of his hand, and suddenly a table and two chairs appeared, complete with full tableware.

"Shall we start eating?" Wes was still a bit dazed. Was William's change of pace too abrupt?

What exactly did he mean?

"Let's eat! No need to wait for her," William said, having seen many like Amy in such states before.

She had an instant epiphany!

For some deities, an epiphany could mean closing their eyes for hundreds of years. Although the few sword strikes William executed were simple, if Amy could grasp the secret sword technique within them, it wasn't impossible for her to break through her current level of strength.

In terms of insight, Amy was definitely far superior to Alice.

Wes watched Amy, who seemed to have lost her senses as she repeatedly swung the branch.

He too had seen William wield the sword, but he had no such enlightenment. In terms of insight, he was far behind Amy.

"Let's eat," William said as he cut a plate of meat, sprinkled some seasoning on it, and pushed it towards Wes.

The rich aroma of the meat made Wes swallow hard, and he finally picked up his knife and fork and began to eat heartily.

William, unconcerned about Amy, used the Sword of the Abyssal Guardian to roast the meat, ensuring it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with the innermost layer of meat having a unique flavor.

The seasoning sprinkled on the meat was also a unique blend William had found in the Divine Realm. With just one bite, Wes felt as if his soul was about to ascend to heaven.

He was a culinary god!

Wes was filled with various emotions.

He had never imagined that such delicious roasted meat existed in the world.

"Eat as much as you like."

William ate a large piece and then stopped, looking in Walker's direction.

As Wes ate, he asked, "Is Walker really okay?"

Sounds of battle could still be heard from Walker's direction, indicating he probably wasn't dead yet.

But with Walker still fighting ferocious beasts and himself sitting here eating meat, Wes couldn't help but feel uneasy.

"He should be running out of strength soon," William said, looking towards Walker.

"What should we do? Can you... can you save him?"

Wes had already witnessed William's strength. To William, deities were nothing more than beings he could defeat in a single move.

If William wanted to save Walker, it shouldn't be difficult.

William didn't respond because at that moment, Walker, having gained a deeper understanding of the Celestial Blade Art, threw a flying knife that killed the mutated giant tiger. Exhausted, he collapsed to the ground, looking up at the sky, clutching the flying knife William had given him, unwilling to use it.

The power of this flying knife was terrifying,Walker still couldn't control its force.

He dared not imagine the consequences of using this knife.

It might kill everyone at the Arcane Village base, or it could destroy Mount Olympus itself!

"Am I going to die?" Walker muttered with a bitter smile, as memories of his past flashed before his eyes.

There was still so much he hadn't done.

He didn't have a girlfriend, hadn't experienced love, and he hadn't seen the world return to a time of peace.

He hadn't become a god!

Was he going to die just like this?

If he threw the flying knife, maybe he could survive.

But the knife possessed a terrifying mystical power...

Walker's lips and hands trembled, his smile complex and indescribable.

Just as Walker resigned himself and closed his eyes, his consciousness seemed to enter a mysterious space, accompanied by the flying knife.

In this mysterious space, a figure in white robes and a mask stood at a distance.

"Draw the knife!"

The voice of the figure in white was enlightening, and with just a single sentence, he understood how to use and control the power of the flying knife.

"Are you the god of the flying knife?" Walker asked in shock, looking at the figure in white.

He couldn't see the face under the mask, but just then, the remaining secrets of the Celestial Blade Art were imprinted in his mind.

"I'm your dad!" William said irritably, then exited Walker's subconscious space.

Walker suddenly woke up, holding the flying knife, looking around as the beasts, for some reason, dispersed.

"My dad is the god of the flying knife!" Walker murmured, looking at the knife in his hand, "My dad's physique, just like mine, is formidable!"

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