Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.728 Are you talking to me?


Wes was somewhat surprised to see William unharmed.

The forests around Mount Olympus were notoriously dangerous, and here was William, casually wandering around with a huge pangolin tail, which was quite eerie.

"William, where's Hugo?" Wes now started to believe that William had hidden strengths.

The massive tail in William's hands must have been chopped off from some large creature.

"He's not my son, how would I know?" William chuckled, waving the tail in his hand and asked Amy, "Amy, should we grill this back at the base or do it right here?"

Amy jumped off the wolf's back, excitedly saying, "Let's grill it here. When is Walker coming back?"

As she looked in Walker's direction and sensed his presence was still around, she felt reassured.

William set down the pangolin tail and said, "Don't worry, he's fine."

Walker's current strength was decent,the witchcraft taught by Moros was enough for him to protect himself, and with the throwing knife William had given him, surviving was actually quite simple.

The important thing was to see how Walker planned to escape the encirclement of fierce beasts.

"Then let's start grilling," Amy, ever carefree, knowing Walker was safe, immediately thought about eating grilled meat.

"William, I know Hugo offended you, but there's probably no deep hatred between you two, right? Maybe... save him?" Wes's mind quickly flashed through everything he knew about William.

Zoey had said long ago that William was no ordinary person but definitely a Soulmancer.

Also, Steven's unusually respectful attitude towards William was notable.

Alice was initially not a Soulmancer, but in just two months, she became incredibly strong...

Then there was the great mage who insisted on working at Cozy Book Haven...

Amy was just the kid next door to William not so long ago, and in such a short time, she had become a top-tier powerhouse.

And Seraphina, these people all seemed to have an inseparable connection with William.

And William's current demeanor, all pointed to his extraordinariness.

"It's too late to save him now."

After William left, Hugo didn't last two seconds before those beasts tore him apart,going there now, they wouldn't even find his bones.

Even without sophisticated equipment for protection, facing so many fierce beasts, a superhuman is really just plain food.

"William, who exactly are you?" Wes couldn't help but ask eventually.

"That's a good question." William's identity was indeed complex, "Just think of me as that novice Soulmancer William."

"Novice Soulmancer?" Wes chuckled bitterly, "If you're just a novice, then..."

He didn't know how to finish his sentence, pondered for a moment, and his expression grew more complex, asking, "Then you must be stronger than Amy, right?"

"Of course." William smiled, "Somewhat stronger than her."

"Then why don't you help Walker?" Wes stared intently at William, asking, "Walker should be considered your friend, right? He's in danger now, and you still have the mood to grill here?"

Being stronger than Amy, he must at least be at the Demi-God level, and William definitely isn't as foolish as Amy. If he intervened, he might be able to rescue Walker directly.

If William wanted, he could probably save more people.

"You're talking about that." William laughed, "Walker can barely be considered my friend, but this is a trial for him. If I intervened, it would seem meaningless. He will make it out alive, so you don't need to worry."

"What about Hugo? Even if he offended you, that's not a death-worthy crime."

Wes found he really couldn't understand William, was he good or evil?

William raised an eyebrow, "That's an interesting way to put it. Hugo didn't die by my hand. It's not my fault he died, even if his crime wasn't worthy of death."

"But... why didn't you save him? He was still a human life." Wes knew that saying this might seem like moral coercion.

Whether to save someone should be up to William, and why should anyone demand that he save someone who had malice towards him?

William gave Wes a deep look, not answering, and using the large wolves that had brought many dry branches through the woods, William started a fire and began cleaning the pangolin tail with a small knife.

The giant wolves lay nearby, and no other fierce beasts came to disturb them.

In the distance, Walker was fighting fiercely with the beasts, causing the whole of Mount Olympus to tremble occasionally.

On the same mountain, yet their situations were worlds apart.

Amy also heard it loud and clear, William was more formidable than her.

Since Mr. Johnson said so, it must be true!

As they were grilling meat, suddenly the sky roared with thunder and lightning, and a fierce wind blew. A strange person with purple hair, wielding a golden sword, shouted loudly.

Wes looked up at the strange person, feeling a terrifying aura emanating from him.

This aura was definitely more terrifying than any beast on Mount Olympus, the intense oppression made it hard for him to breathe.

Although he didn't understand the language, he clearly knew the meaning behind the words.

"You lowly insects, kneel down and welcome your monarch!"

William heard this and couldn't help but frown slightly.

What kind of weird, melodramatic teenager?

Who wrote these idiotic lines for him?

This guy must be a chief god from some parallel dimension.

Due to Dolly's clever manipulations, the energy on Earth had become overly abundant, attracting deities from three thousand parallel dimensions.

There had been deities descending on Earth before, but they were clearly dealt with by Poseidon and Zeus.

Scores of deities stained the earth with blood, their bodies being devoured by some ferocious beasts, which in turn led to the inhabitants of the earth becoming even more powerful.

Dolly must have intentionally allowed these chief gods from parallel dimensions to run wild on Earth.

With so many deities on Earth, especially after William's return, these gods running amok on Earth was clearly just feeding them.

Dolly wanted to merge the three thousand parallel dimensions...

Especially this melodramatic deity, descending right above Mount Olympus, Dolly's intentions couldn't be clearer.

William snorted in amusement, it seemed like Dolly was constantly challenging his limits.

"Hey! You there! What are you laughing at?! Kneel before your god!"

The purple-haired stranger pointed his sword at William, his smile filled with mockery. He had just scanned the entirety of Mount Olympus, and almost all creatures were looking up at him, each with different expressions.

Some were fearful, some shocked, some puzzled.

But there was one person laughing, standing out awkwardly from the rest of the 'ants'.

He was a chief god from a parallel world,these ants should be bowing down, looking up to him, fearing him!

Holding a small knife in his hand, William slightly lifted his head to look at the melodramatic youth and asked in a low voice, "Are you talking to me?"

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