Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.725 Young people always have such naive ideas

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.725 Young people always have such naive ideas

For years, William had been hunting various creatures just to savor gourmet foods.

Over a billion years, he never focused on increasing his power,instead, he spent more time experiencing life and searching for culinary delights.

His cooking skills had become quite exquisite.

Initially, Hugo didn't really want to agree to a cooking competition when William suggested it. After all, these days, contests usually involved combat skills. But Amy's look clearly said that she would side with whoever had the better culinary skills.

Wasn't Hugo causing this scene today just to win Amy's favor?

But what he hadn't anticipated was that he had already lost from the start.

And it was a thorough defeat.

"William, I'll compete with you in making barbecue, but you'll have to find your own meat," Hugo sneered. "Surely you don't need someone else to help you with that, do you?"

William actually had some ingredients in his spatial storage ring, but since he was only competing with a small fry like Hugo, he might as well use local resources.

To put it bluntly, Hugo just assumed that William was weaker and would struggle to hunt animals on his own.

"No problem." William was never afraid of any kind of challenge.

For someone like Hugo, William could flick away tens of thousands with a single slap.

"Then let's go hunting now," Hugo said with a sinister smile. "Just the two of us, do you dare?"

It was quite normal to be eaten by the prey during hunting.

Hugo's simple verbal provocation was just a test to see if this pretty boy would fall for it.

William had no objections and said, "No problem, let's go together!"

Hugo never expected William to agree so readily,he seemed utterly fearless.

"Colonel Wes, little Amy, we'll be off then. You guys just wait for us back at the base," Hugo thought he was sure to win.

Cooking skills?

Who the hell really wanted to compete in cooking?

As long as William went out with him, without Amy and Wes's interference, William wouldn't have a chance to come back alive.

If he's dead, there's naturally no need to continue the competition.

Wes, not being particularly sociable, looked deeply at William and tentatively asked, "William, are you sure you don't want me to come with you?"

In Wes's view, William was only good at negotiating and could use powered armor effectively if available.

But his strength was truly weak.

With the abundant energy now on Earth, William's power should have been skyrocketing.

He also remembered William mentioning that he had hidden strengths.

However, Hugo's power had reached S-class, and with the latest armored suits from the base, except for Demi-God level fighters, there shouldn't be anyone who could beat him.

Even if William had hidden his strength, how much could he really be hiding?

"No need, I'll just go out with him," William didn't mind whatever tricks Hugo wanted to play.

No matter how fancy the tricks, he had seen them all.

Hugo, initially worried about Wes coming along, now laughed even more joyously upon hearing William's response: "William, don't worry, if you can't catch any game, just ask me and I'll definitely share some with you."

"Ha? Thanks in advance then," what else could William say?

Young people always have such naive ideas.

Thus, naturally, there was no need for Amy to go out with them.

William and Hugo then left the base together.

Once outside, Hugo chuckled sinisterly, "William, you don't think you can live off your handsome face forever, do you?"

William thought for a moment and replied, "I think just this face alone could sustain me for ten lifetimes."

The name William the Obliterator was well-regarded in the Divine Realm and across many universes. With his face, living another billion years shouldn't be a problem.

"Let's go! Let me see how you hunt with your face," Hugo laughed, "You don't think those fierce beasts will just lie down and let you roast them just because they see your face, do you?"

"How did you know?" William couldn't help but laugh, as that was exactly the case.

In the past, whenever he walked in deep mountains and encountered powerful beasts, those creatures would obediently run up to William, letting him choose which part of their body he wanted.

Hugo sneered and didn't bother with further talk.

He didn't want to attack William directly now,seeing how Amy felt about William, if he killed William himself, it would likely backfire, and Amy wouldn't willingly follow him.

The satellites were still in the sky, and their movements in the forest could easily be captured, which was probably why Wes felt comfortable letting William go out with him.

Hugo didn't dare to openly attack William.

The two of them were moving further away from the base, and soon, they entered the deep forests of Mount Olympus.

Hugo looked up at the sky,in this dense forest, many areas were out of satellite coverage.

William caught his eye and chuckled, "You're not planning to launch an attack on me, are you?"

"Heh, what are you talking about? Why would I attack you?" Hugo scoffed dismissively, noting that there's a difference between being killed by a person and being killed by a wild beast.

If William were to die at the claws of a beast, that would be ideal. Then, all Hugo would need to do is bring back William's body, and even Wes couldn't fault him for that.

William raised an eyebrow and said, "If you're not going to make a move, then forget it."

Right after he spoke, the ground began to tremble.

Thousands of wild beasts charged towards them.

"Damn! A beast tide?!" Hugo sensed the commotion and felt a surge of dread.

In recent years, the beasts of Mount Olympus have been relatively docile, at least not rampaging to the extent of attacking the base again, and there have been few instances of beast tides.

Hugo had previously gloated over seeing Walker surrounded by a group of wild beasts on the satellite surveillance.

The footage transmitted to the base showed that, apart from the area where Walker was, the other beasts were relatively calm.

What was happening now?

This commotion!!

Hugo's face turned pale,even fully armed, if he encountered a really big creature, he doubted he could make it out alive.

"Hmm? Are you scared?" William looked at Hugo with a teasing smile.

"I... scared of what?" Hugo sneered, "William, you probably haven't seen a beast tide before, have you? The gear I'm wearing should ensure my survival in a beast tide. You, on the other hand, good luck!"

No sooner had he finished speaking than a group of fierce mutated birds began circling overhead, darkening the sky, and the surrounding area was crowded with wild beasts whose eyes glowed red as they stared at them.

William looked around and laughed, "Let me show you what it means to live off a handsome face."

Indeed, these wild beasts had all been summoned by William.

With his power, it only took a thought to gather all the beasts of Mount Olympus. They would assemble and stand there, waiting for him to choose.

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