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Arcane Village's base is known as the ultimate fortress.

The order within the base is many times better than that of the inner city base in New York City.

The base of Arcane Village has gathered twenty thousand Soulmancers and superhumans, turning the already modest Arcane Village into a formidable military fortress.

Although Mount Olympus is plagued with ferocious beasts, within a one-mile radius centered on Arcane Village's base, not even a rabbit can be found.

Just half a month ago, tens of thousands of ferocious beasts attempted to storm this ultimate fortress, but not one survived. The foul-smelling blood dyed the foot of Mount Olympus red, and the bones of the beasts piled up into small hills.

Since then, the beasts have learned that this place is dangerous.

Their instincts tell them to stay away from here.

William was previously a celebrity throughout the Soulmancer community, but his reputation was somewhat peculiar.

Rumors have it that he has a good relationship with Director Wenzel of the 13th Bureau, who is none other than Zoey.

William is even married to Alice, who, according to rumors, looks to be in her twenties but is actually a several-thousand-year-old woman.

There are even more rumors that William has an inappropriate relationship with Garen, the president of the Emerald Lion Guild.

This is no longer a simple case of playing the field,it's a chaotic mess of relationships, disregarding gender and age!

"Is that guy William?"

While William and his group were sitting in the public cafeteria eating pasta, they heard some unfriendly voices.

A wimp?

William almost laughed out loud when he heard this nickname.

He had lived for so many years and had many titles: Dr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, King Arthur, Master...

Of course, over the years, some had called him Pretty Boy, but this was the first time he had heard someone call him a coward.

From the reactions of those around him, it was clear that William was somewhat famous here.

William looked up at the man approaching, a superhuman fully armed.

Amy, curious, glanced in the direction William was looking and then turned back to size him up, saying, "Mr. Johnson, do those people know you too?"

William smiled and replied, "Quite a few people know me."

"Uh-huh, so you're pretty famous then." Amy cheerfully twirled some pasta on her fork and asked, "Are they talking about you?"

William cheekily responded, "Who knows? Maybe they're talking about Wes."

Wes, overhearing William and Amy's conversation, just smiled and gave a cautionary glance to the three men walking towards them.

"Colonel Wes, we just wanted to get acquainted with the legendary William, no harm in that, right?"

The man who had called William a coward earlier sat down right next to him with his tray.

The other two took seats across from them.

At the same time, two middle-aged men in military attire approached, one of them pointing at the man next to William and warning, "Hugo, don't start trouble!"

"Ha! Military police, what are you talking about? What trouble am I causing?" Hugo glanced at the soldier and said, "This 'Pretty boy' coward William is a guest invited by Colonel Wes, what could I possibly do to him? Kill him?"

"Please show some respect and don't provoke intentionally!" the military police officer glared at Hugo and said, "This is your second warning!"

Hugo ignored the soldier and instead turned to Wes with a sneer, "Colonel Wes, your man has warned me twice now. If he warns me a third time, is he going to hit me?"

Wes frowned and said, "Hugo, William is my guest, and you want to start something in front of Amy?"

Amy, ranked eleventh among human powerhouses, with a mysterious background.

"Amy, little friend, let's get acquainted. I'm Hugo, you can call me Brother Hugo. How about you hang out with me? I'll take you out for barbecue!" Hugo gave Amy a friendly smile.

He wasn't a fool,provoking William, just a Pretty boy, was one thing, but Amy was a different story...

If he could befriend her, he might gain the favor of the powerful figures behind her.

Hugo was a superhuman, and although his awakened abilities were strong, they paled in comparison to those Soulmancers who could fly through the skies and move mountains.

The base's research institute had equipment that narrowed the gap between superhumans and Soulmancers, but every superhuman knew their limits were easily reached, unlike Soulmancers...

Although Amy didn't realize those people were mocking William just now, she was definitely on William's side.

Most importantly...

"You're inviting me for barbecue? Your barbecue can't be as delicious as Mr. Johnson's!"

Amy had been freeloading meals at William's house since she was five, and his cooking skills were undoubtedly top-notch. He even taught Amy's mother, Maria, how to cook, which helped Maria's family escape poverty and lead a better life.

Amy's master was also found by William, and she firmly believed that Mr. Johnson's cooking was the best.

"William?" Hugo sneered at William, "The woman who used to protect you is gone, and now you've resorted to bribing kids with food?"

William raised an eyebrow and retorted, "Isn't that a skill? Do you have a problem with that?"

"Of course, I have a problem!" Hugo scoffed, "If you were really a man, we'd settle this with a fight. You're always hiding behind women or children. What kind of skill is that?"

Unperturbed, William calmly replied, "That is a skill, and you're just jealous of me."

"Damn, jealous of you?" Hugo was visibly annoyed by William's attitude. A Pretty boy with no real skills, acting all high and mighty?

William had no intention of getting into a verbal spat.

"How about we see who can make better barbecue?" William suggested, "The winner gets to be the chef in this cafeteria."

"Fine!" Hugo impulsively agreed, but then realized something was off, "The winner becomes the chef?"

Damn, what kind of competition was that?

Just competing over barbecue was one thing, but why did the winner have to end up as a chef here?

"Then the loser becomes the chef here? For a year." William was somewhat annoyed,his initial suggestion of the winner becoming the chef was just to secure a stable job for himself.

If Hugo wouldn't even give him that chance, then let him be the chef. That should satisfy him.

"You want to stay here and be a chef?" Hugo, guessing William's intention, chuckled, "What are you thinking? If you lose, you leave this base immediately! You're not welcome here!"

Wes narrowed his eyes and said, "Hugo, William is my friend! If you really want to fight, why don't we have a match?"

William waved his hand, "Wes, don't worry about it. Just bring out the meat, and I'll compete with him in making barbecue."

Hearing this, Amy swallowed hard and excitedly said, "Yes! A barbecue competition."

Clearly, she was urging Wes not to meddle further!

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