I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1864: Before the Ship Party Starts ④


By the time Tiamat and Phenex were taken away by Pandora, Greene and Anne were together in one of the rooms allocated to them.

[Greene-san, I'm sorry for intruding in your room.]

[No, I'm rather uncomfortable being alone in such a large room myself, so I feel more at ease with you here, Anne-san.]

[That said, it's really an amazing room. T- They're providing a room like this for each invitee]

The room they had been allocated was a luxurious room that was truly befitting a room that was truly befitting a room on a luxury liner, and for the two of them, who were completely ordinary people, it was an unknown world.

As they were not at ease being alone in such a room, they decided to wait together in Greene's room until the party started.

[But then, we've come to a really great place. Kaito-san must be very rich. I heard he's an otherworlder but]

[I don't know the details either, but I've heard rumors that otherworlders who decide to migrate to our world are conferred a court rank Miyama-san must be a noble then? Even if that's not the case, he should still have quite the connections I- I definitely must get closer with him! That way, I'll also have rich acquaintances and the social life I dream of will]

[Hahaha, how should I say this You're quite resilient, Greene-san.]

[Since it's a great opportunity, I'd like to gain something before going home. I rented a really nice dress just for this occasion. For someone like me, with a monthly income (after tax) of 3420R, it's quite a painful expense, but when it comes to getting closer to the glamorous social world I've always longed for, I can't afford to cut corners.]

Despite being overwhelmed by the luxury Gree, who hasn't forgotten her goal of getting acquainted with rich people, is somewhat resilient. Well, in terms of getting to know rich people, she has already achieved that by getting to know Kaito but as expected, even she can't imagine Kaito having such an extraordinary connection with the top figures of the three realms.

[Greene-san is an Adventurer's Guild receptionist, right? I don't mean to be rude, but as it was a job that required a lot of expertise, I thought it would pay more.] free webnov el.com

[If I'm working in the Royal Capital or a major city, yeah, but our guild is in a frontier town. The scale is completely different, so the pay is comparable to that. Speaking of which, Ive never asked about your job in detail, but since Anne-san is a Kruel, I guess you're part of the magic crystal mining industry?]

[You're quite knowledgeable. Yes, or rather, the majority of the Kruels are in the mining business.]

[Well, this may be a crude question but do you guys earn a lot from those?]

[It varies quite a lot. The Kruels basically tend to form unions with a certain number of people. Each union undertakes its own mining operations and handles the sale and purchase of the mined goods. Therefore, income varies greatly depending on the capabilities of the union to which one belongs. As for the union I belong to or rather, the union I represent, embarrassing it may be to say this, but it's more on the smaller to medium scale side, and since we don't have many connections At the lowest, we earn around 2000R per month, and at the highest, it could be 5000R, so it varies quite a lot.]

[I see, that sounds rough. However, being the representative is impressive. Even though it's small scale, aren't you among the top of your organization?]

The Kruels are a species who are vulnerable to sunlight, but who excel in mining and other technologies, living in underground cities. Mining gemstones and magic crystals are their main business.

Like others of the Kruels, Anne is also involved in the mining industry and although it's small-scale, she's the representative of her union.

[Ahh, I wish I was that great, but in fact, the leader of the union was my grandfather, so I'm just taking over the family business. How should I say this Our union has many skilled workers, but most of them are craftsmen at heart and tend to be weak in negotiations We also lack connections to trading companies, so we're in a difficult situation where we have no choice but to take on jobs at a considerably low price.]

[No matter which world you're part of, it really is important to have good contacts Ah, that's right! In that case, why don't you make some contacts at this party?]

[Hahaha, that's a tempting suggestion Is it really possible to meet someone from a trading company, especially one that has a connection with magic crystal-related things? Perhaps Kaito-san might have some connections with them, but it feels too wretched for me, with my shallow connections, to ask for an introduction]

[Hmmm, wishing for something is free, so let's keep our ideals big! Perhaps this party will even help us establish a connection with the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company!]

[If we can get a connection to such a big trading company, it would certainly make things easier for our members, but I think we're setting our sights a little too high there Let's just keep our aim for a business connection in moderation.]

[You sure don't have many desires, Anne-san.]

In contrast to Greene, who seemed to be filled with ambition, or rather, with aspirations and dreams, Anne seems to be more reserved and steady in her thinking.

In this situation, however, Greene's overblown expectations were in some ways spot on but at that time, they had no way of knowing that.


Serious-senpai : [Just to confirm who's participating, there's Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company's Chairman, Magic Tool Division's Special Advisor, Magic Crystal Division's Special Advisor, and a certain someone from the the Six Kings, who is the Honorary Chairman of several large trading companies, including Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company]

? ? ? : [The reserved and steady types get beaten to a pulp by the brute force of personal connections.]

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