I'm an Ordinary Returning Student at the Academy - C.89


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Chapter 89

Upon returning from my journey south, I was immediately summoned by the Crown Prince.

It’s both sad and terrifying how the Imperial Palace is starting to feel familiar. This isn’t a good sign.

“Well, well, brother-in-law.”

Oh my. Look at how he’s changed his title for me. I guess the marriage is all but set in stone now.

In any case, I’m glad things worked out well. I’ve been dumped before, and it hurts a lot.

If the Crown Prince, of all people, had broken my sister’s heart? No matter how good a person he is, it would have been unpleasant.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“If I remember correctly, you said you didn’t want any more medals.”

“…That’s right.”

“Well then, would you mind explaining this situation?”

Fluttering before my eyes were several documents. And written within them, none other than the Radiant Church.

It was quite obvious how the church matters ended up in front of the Crown Prince.

“Would you believe me if I said I had no idea this would happen?”

“Of course, I would. It would be strange if you did. To be honest, I understand. But… even so, this is, well, a proposal that goes far beyond the line.”

“You’re saying I’ll be receiving another medal. You don’t have to beat around the bush.”

The Crown Prince then burst into laughter, saying, ‘Is that so? Then I’ll get straight to the point. You’ll be receiving a medal for improving relations between the Empire and the Church, and for recovering a lost sacred relic!’

“You seem to be the most excited about this, Your Highness.”

I grumbled a little, and the Crown Prince replied, ‘Isn’t that natural?’

Wondering if he was teasing me, I waited for his next words and soon learned the real reason.

“The more you excel, the bigger the smile on Rika’s face will be. That would be the best thing for me. The best thing indeed!”


I’m relieved that my sister seems to have found a husband who’s incredibly devoted to her.

Let’s think positively. Even I have to admit that I can’t refuse a medal for this.

Simply contributing to improving relations between the Empire and the Church is enough to deserve recognition, let alone the fact that it involved recovering a sacred relic lost decades ago.

It would be even more absurd to just say ‘good job’ or ‘thank you’ and leave it at that.

To further emphasize the importance of the relic and the villainy of the Luzernes who lost it, this matter cannot be quietly overlooked.

“This will be the best gift for my father-in-law.”

“Why my father…?”

“The newly appointed heir is a benefactor of the Church. What could be better? Ah, you haven’t heard yet. Two days ago, Cardinal Nicolao, the head of the 1st Diocese, visited Count Friedrich. He conveyed gratitude and blessings in the name of the Church.”

“…That’s quite something.”

As far as I know, the only times a cardinal personally gives blessings are for the rise of a new duke or the birth of a new child in the royal family.

But even without those circumstances, the cardinal appeared and gave blessings.

“It’s only natural. A benefactor of the Church, a blessed individual who returned the sacred relic. If they remained indifferent, it would tarnish the Church’s reputation.”

Hahaha! This is truly wonderful! Hahahaha! I can’t wait to see the Crown Princess smile! Ahahaha!

I sighed as I looked at the Crown Prince, my brother-in-law, laughing until the East Palace seemed to shake.

* * *

After meeting with the Crown Prince, the next place I went to was the Radiant Church’s 1st Diocese.

The purpose was to meet Cardinal Nicolao, who oversees all church matters in the capital and its surroundings.

Of course, it wasn’t me who wanted to meet him. It was they who invited me.

They insisted on picking me up in a white carriage pulled by white horses. Everything was so white that I felt dizzy.

‘Ah… I want to go on another journey… I never imagined I’d miss those four guys.’

This is why everyone sings praises of travel. What a mess as soon as I return.

Whether he knew my inner thoughts or not, as soon as I got off at the Radiant Church’s 1st Diocese headquarters, the old man with a benevolent smile extended his hand.

“Welcome, Brother Karl Adelheit. It’s truly an honor to meet you.”

This is the head of the 1st Diocese, Cardinal Nicolaos. The most prominent figure among the cardinals in the Empire.

To put it in military terms, it’s like having the highest seniority even if everyone holds the same rank.

“It’s an honor to meet you for the first time as well, Your Eminence.”

“Hahaha. The honor is ours. It’s only through your efforts that the shadows have lifted, and light shines wherever you tread.”


Your words are truly appreciated, but please tone down the praise. I’m about to die of embarrassment…

Of course, Cardinal Nicolaos is completely unaware of my feelings. He seems to be overjoyed.

He’s thrilled about the recovery of the lost sacred relic, and the fact that it coincidentally happened through someone recently awarded a medal of honor, whose actions are rumored to be ‘blessed by God.’

From the Church’s perspective, they want to ride this wave, and I’ve provided them with the perfect justification.

They can claim that a person capable of finding the relic must surely be blessed by God.

‘And it’s a chance to strike back at those Luzernes who dared to challenge the Church’s pride.’

As I’ve mentioned before, the Radiant Church is not to be underestimated.

Religious groups can’t survive on faith alone. They need to integrate into the social system and create their own order and rules within it.

Otherwise, they’ll be nothing more than a passing trend, soon forgotten by everyone.

But those fools, the Luzens, mocked that order, those rules, and all the efforts the Church has made.

The anger, the humiliation, and the disgrace the Radiant Church must have felt are unimaginable. Perhaps their closer ties with the Empire are aimed at crushing those Luzernes bastards.

“I met with Count Friedrich a few days ago.”

“I heard from His Highness. You even gave him your blessings. I can’t thank you enough, Your Eminence.”

“Not at all. It’s our Church who should be thanking you.”

Cardinal Nicolaos then turned his attention to my greatsword.

Even though I said it’s nothing special, just an ordinary military sword you can find anywhere.

The look in Cardinal Nicolaos’s eyes is quite similar to what I saw in Cardinal Beolant of the 4th Diocese a while ago.

It’s like he wants to think of this greatsword as another sacred relic that helped recover the relic.

‘Your Eminence, this sword is really not that special. It’s just an ordinary military sword.’

“It’s the sword of the hero of the Empire who recovered the Sword of Saint Louis. This is too coincidental. I heard that Cardinal Beolant of the 4th Diocese blessed this greatsword.”

“Yes, he did it himself.”

“I see. If the head of the 4th Diocese personally blessed it, it must be something special. But… hmm. Perhaps because the 4th Diocese is still unstable due to the war, there are some shortcomings.”

Aha. So, you’re saying it’s a shame that someone with less seniority than you blessed it.

As expected, when you think in military terms, everything becomes straightforward and clear.

“It’s not much of a gesture of gratitude, but we, the 1st Diocese, would like to fill in those gaps. Sir Hero, would you give us the opportunity to bless this sword wielded by the hero of the Empire?”

“…What choice do I have? It would be my honor.”

What can I do when you say it with a look that suggests you’d be very disappointed if I refused?

I quickly drew my greatsword and handed it to the attendant priest next to the cardinal.

“Your words are most welcome. His Holiness will be pleased as well.”

“His Holiness…?”

“The news has already reached the Holy See. His Holiness said that the return of the lost sacred relic was guided by the light through the hands of a hero.”

[PR/N: ‘Holy See’ refers to the central government of the Radiant Church most probably.]

Cardinal Nicolaos said this and made the sign of the cross with great devotion. His demeanor was so sincere that I unconsciously followed suit.

“Brother Karl, please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything you desire from the Church.”

“No, Your Eminence. I truly didn’t do this with any expectations.”

“I understand. Of course. But, brother, if you give a favor, you should also know how to receive its due. That way, the recipient can also be freed from the guilt of simply receiving.”

No, please don’t say that. It makes me very uncomfortable. Besides, receiving its due, a reward…

What does he mean? What should I ask for? I didn’t do this with any intention, it just happened by chance, so no matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with a good answer…

‘Ah. Aha.’

Come to think of it, there is one thing.

“Well then, Your Eminence, I have one request.”

“Oh. Anything, anything at all. What is it?”

“Actually… I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but there’s a pension foundation with my name on it—”

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