Descent of the Demon Master - C.718. Choosing (3)

Descent of the Demon Master

C.718. Choosing (3)

The demon cult believers, each with their own stories and circumstances, were silently weighing their options.

Kang Jin-Ho's declaration sent powerful shockwaves throughout the demon cult. At first, the believers felt betrayed. Anger was the next emotion. Some people despaired. Even then, as seconds and minutes ticked away, they began accepting the reality of their situation.

When they thought about it, Kang Jin-Ho had a point, didn't he?

How could everything suddenly become better just because the demon emperor had finally descended? The legends belonged in the realm of fantasy, but these believers had to live in reality. Those who crawled on the dirt to survive had little choice but to keep making sacrifices.

That was what life was like, after all.

A never-ending series of sacrifices disguised as choices was the story of their life. And the demon emperor's entrance didn't result in the end of this series of choices. No, he demanded them to make an even bigger decision.

Whether they were elders, enforcers or regular demonic cultivators... None of them was free from making this choice.

However, there was a certain individual here who stood out like a sore thumb. A man who was not going with the flow and looking all awkward and the like instead!

'Why are you doing this to me?!'

Zhang Dajing dazedly stared at the massive underground space.

Everyone around him was stuck in a pit of serious dilemma, but not Zhang Dajing. He didn't need to make any life-altering decisions nor did he have something to occupy himself with. Kang Jin-Ho and Vator were in the middle of a discussion to figure out the future agendas, but Zhang Dajing didn't have the qualifications to attend that meeting, and that was why he was in the underground space, waiting.

Zhang Dajing could have used this opening to get some much-needed rest, but the current environment was a bit...

'What is up with this place, anyway?'

Constructing such a space deep underground was worthy of all the praises existing in the world. Since an army of laborers must've worked their butts off to create this place, Zhang Dajing was tempted to vigorously applaud their dedication.

It must've been one hell of a feat to construct an underground space like this, so expecting these demonic cultivators to also create other amenities alongside it was maybe asking for too much. Zhang Dajing was fully prepared to overlook the wide-open nature of this place. In that case, what could be his problem, then?

His problem was simple enough: Zhang Dajing had no choice but to stay here and 'rest' as much as possible. Everyone else here was a demonic cultivator, meaning they all shared the same identity. Them weighing their options together like this was more or less understandable.

However, Zhang Dajing wasn't a demonic cultivator. No, he didn't belong here like a blob of oil floating on a stream of pristine water. To be more precise... He was a martial artist from an orthodox faction among thousands of demonic cultivators!

Which shouldn't be an issue... As long as the person staying behind was Vator or Kang Jin-Ho! They could single-handedly overwhelm every demonic cultivator in this place, after all!

However, Zhang Dajing was...

'I'm scared out of my skull, you know!'

Zhang Dajing felt his heart repeatedly tumbling down to the pit of his stomach every time demonic cultivators glanced in his way. Didn't they know he was a gentle person and would never harm a fly? Regretfully, his gentleness was not of his choice, as it was a result of his lack of martial prowess.

Orthodox martial artists would find demonic cultivators pretty weak, but what about Zhang Dajing? He was pretty sure he'd not lose in the 'Who's Weaker?' competition when pitted against demonic cultivators. Didn't he get dumped in the wasteland of martial arts, South Korea, as an overseas intelligence operative because he was too weak to be used as a combatant?

Zhang Dajing used to work for the lower-tiered department in the Crimson King's faction. Even in that place, he was the weakest.

The run-of-the-mill orthodox martial artists had enough strength to look down on demonic cultivators. However, Zhang Dajing couldn't even guarantee his victory... No, more correctly, he had no confidence in winning against them. After all, he was only a half-martial artist, wasn't he?

Was this how a monkey would feel after finding itself trapped in a cage filled with thousands of starving wolves?

Zhang Dajing utilized all the skills he acquired during his intelligence operative days and minimized his presence as much as possible. Unfortunately, there was a limit to how much he could do inside an enclosed space like this.

“Who the f*ck is that guy?”

“I don't remember seeing his face before.”

Zhang Dajing's complexion paled when he heard those murmurings.

'Y-you stinking bastards...!'

Just how close-knit was the society of demonic cultivators that Zhang Dajing was the only unfamiliar face in the ocean of thousands of people?!

Of course, they were probably not talking about the unfamiliarity of Zhang Dajing's face. No, 'face' in this case should be a substitute for the lack of demonic qi emanating from Zhang Dajing's figure.

'If I knew this would happen, I should've pestered the Assembly Master and learned a demonic art or two!'

No matter how quickly regret arrived, it'd always be too late.

One of the demonic cultivators growled unhappily. “Why is a bastard like that in here?”

“You're right. What the f*ck? Who does he think he is, acting all so haughty and mighty like that?”

People's attention worked like this. No one would pay much attention or care about a boulder in the middle of a road. Even those who got inconvenienced by the rock would just frown and walk around it. The rock's presence wasn't significant enough to leave an impression in the people's minds.

However, what if someone pointed out the rock and began breaking it from the side? The same people would no longer just walk around it. They would take a second or two to ponder whether they should help out or ignore the commotion and move on.

That was Zhang Dajing's current situation. A small blob of oil floating on the water's surface wouldn't even be noticeable. However, what would happen if someone pointed out the blob? Others would start to actively look for it.

Zhang Dajing could hear the words of people on guard coming from here and there. Even though the demonic cultivators were quietly muttering, the number of people here meant all their mutterings combined to create a commotion.

'Ah. So this is how my life ends.'

Even if all these people surrounding Zhang Dajing were not demonic cultivators but regular, powerless civilians, being stared at by thousands of eyes was never going to be a pleasant experience. If Zhang Dajing had been a normal person, he probably couldn't even stand still with his legs uncontrollably shaking around!

So, with the hostile gazes of thousands of demonic cultivators focusing on him?

'Yup, this is the end of the line for me...'

Zhang Dajing's life flashed before his eyes. This had to be the so-called revolving lantern thing.

He was sensing a grave threat to his life at the moment. If one of these demonic cultivators said something hostile, this precarious situation would rapidly devolve into an uncontrollable mess in no time.

“Hey! Who the f*ck are you?”

Like clockwork, several demonic cultivators approached Zhang Dajing, their steps threatening and full of swagger.

'Yup, I bloody knew it!'

Zhang Dajing grimaced. What an obvious development this was! After all, he was surrounded by demonic cultivators.

Demonic cultivation might be shabbier and weaker than the orthodox cultivation methods, but its aggressiveness and belligerence were second to none. Even though these people were aware of their stations and usually remained crawling on the ground, they were also capable of causing some shocking incidents every now and then.

Obviously, people like that would never accept Zhang Dajing's presence among them. At this rate, Zhang Dajing might become the latest victim in a mob lynching and get obliterated to smithereens!

Just as the orthodox martial artists looked at the demonic cultivators with contempt, the demonic cultivators hated the guts of the orthodox martial artists.

Thankfully, though... Zhang Dajing had an ace up his sleeve. “I, I'm the demon emperor's attendant.”


The mere mention of 'demon emperor' was enough to stop the pack of wolves from closing the distance and pushing them back.

“His attendant? Really?”

Zhang Dajing hurriedly spoke up. “Y-yes! If I'm not the demon emperor's attendant, how could I have brazenly entered this place? A-and, and... That's right! You can ask your people who have escorted the demon emperor here. They will tell you that I've been escorting the demon emperor from South Korea!”


All these people had witnessed the demon emperor's deity-like majesty already. In that case, they wouldn't dare harm the demon emperor's attendant... Even if said attendant happened to be an orthodox martial artist!

While licking their lips like hounds that couldn't bite into a slab of juicy steak because their owner had stopped them, the demonic cultivators slowly backed away. Zhang Dajing's back was soaked in cold sweat as he cautiously watched this scene.

'To think I'd become envious of those two!'

After being 'escorted' here, Guo Liqin and his friend were imprisoned somewhere unknown. Initially, Zhang Dajing pitied those two men for finding themselves in the den of demonic cultivators. However, when he thought about it some more... That wasn't imprisonment but more like being quarantined for their own good, no?

If he was forced to choose between a place teeming with demonic cultivators or confinement far away from everyone... Zhang Dajing would obviously choose the latter for his own safety!

'I should've begged them to imprison me, too!'

More cold sweat flooded down Zhang Dajing's back after noticing that the demonic cultivators were still ruefully glancing in his way.

Just before things could get even more awkward...

“Zhang Dajing! Is anyone here named Zhang Dajing?”

Someone suddenly called out Zhang Dajing's name. Zhang Dajing shot up to his feet and urgently waved his hand. “Over here!”

“You, come with me. Sir Vator is looking for you.”

“Yessir! I'm on my way!” Zhang Dajing rushed toward the man calling out his name with every ounce of energy in his body. 'Yes! Sir Vator hasn't forgotten about me!'

Zhang Dajing was finally being rewarded for his loyalty. It seemed the Assembly Master had already long forgotten about Zhang Dajing, but not Sir Vator! The big man must've guessed the precarious situation Zhang Dajing might be in and decided to summon his faithful attendant to his side.

Zhang Dajing almost teared up just then. How could he not when he heard the pack of wolves licking and smacking their lips behind him?

'You... You stinking sons of demonic bi*ches!'

Zhang Dajing understood why the Assembly Master wanted to come here. Even so, he never wanted to experience this nonsense ever again! Even when he was in the Martial Assembly teeming with Korean martial artists, who could be seen as his enemies in some sense, Zhang Dajing never felt this scared and threatened!

'Holy cow! To think I'd actually miss the Assembly...!'

The love of his hometown... No, the devotion toward his company was ballooning rapidly within Zhang Dajing's heart. The Martial Assembly was far more comfortable and civilized than this place! His original plan was to return to China as soon as Vator had freed himself from Kang Jin-Ho's control, but now that he realized how nice the Assembly was... Zhang Dajing was having second thoughts.

Maybe, if it was possible... It might not be such a bad idea to stick it out with the Assembly?

“We're here,” said the man.

“O-oh, I see. Thank you!”

The man finished guiding Zhang Dajing to a large doorway and wordlessly walked away.

As for Zhang Dajing... He didn't hesitate and yanked the door open to step inside. “Sir Vator!”

Vator was alone in the room. He was sitting on a large chair with his back turned toward Zhang Dajing.

“Did you call for me, sir?”

“Mm, yes. Zhang Dajing...” Vator spoke without turning around. “I need you to run some errands for me.”

“I see. Please give me your order, sir!” Zhang Dajing replied without hesitation before noticing a bottle of water on a nearby table. That was when he realized his lips were about to crack apart in dryness from all the nervousness from earlier.

'...I hope I'm not stepping over the line here.'

Zhang Dajing cautiously reached out to the bottle of water, unscrewed its lid, then began gulping its content down his throat.

“Zhang Dajing. Go outside and buy some clothes that will fit me. And also... Mm...” Vator slowly turned around. “...And an eye patch, too.”


All the water in Zhang Dajing's mouth sprayed out like a fountain. Vator wordlessly raised his hand and blocked the water from reaching him.

Zhang Dajing freaked out and yelled, “W-what happened to your eye, Sir Vator?!”


Vator was sporting a black eye, which made him look almost like a panda. What could have caused such a big eye to become bruised like that, though?


When Zhang Dajing took a closer look, he realized that Vator's clothes were also ripped and shredded here and there.

“...Sir, were you in a fight with someone?”


“Is that why you now have a noticeable shiner?”

“...!” Vator began trembling a little.

Unfortunately, Zhang Dajing failed to read the signals and continued to speak. “B-but... You probably weren't fighting against the Assembly Master, so... Hang on, could it be that old man?”

“...Zhang Dajing.”

Zhang Dajing hurriedly covered his mouth. He was desperately holding it in, but it was getting progressively harder to do so. His shoulders flinched and spasmed as he desperately held on. “N-no, this isn't... Kek!”

Think about it for a second. Vator possessed the world's largest human physique. His head alone was as large as the torso of a small woman. But now, he had a huge black eye.

It was as if Zhang Dajing was staring at a giant panda appearing only in movies. He knew he must not laugh here, but his laughter still threatened to burst out of his mouth!

“T-the eye... patch, I will... I'll go and... buy it, sir. Kek-huph! Yes, the eye patch.”

Vator slowly rose up while staring grimly at Zhang Dajing, who was struggling to string along a proper sentence. “Forget about the eye patch.”

“Sir? But...”

“No, I don't need it. However, instead of an eye patch, I've realized something important just now...”

“Y-yes?” Zhang Dajing cautiously looked up. And that was when he saw it. He saw Vator's face! Even though the big man was forcing himself to smile, his cheeks were twitching ominously.

“I never was a fan of how my master ruled everything with an iron fist. But now, I understand why he's doing that. That is why I'm going to follow his example from this moment on.”

“...I'm sorry?”

While leisurely walking up to Zhang Dajing, Vator rolled up his torn sleeves to reveal his thick arms.

“E-eh? Sir Vator? W-what's the matter, sir?”

And then... Zhang Dajing received a valuable life lesson that day. A black eye was embarrassing, but having two black eyes was comparatively less embarrassing than one!

Too bad, Zhang Dajing had to learn that lesson the hard and painful way.

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