Dao of the Bizarre Immortal - C.473 - Relic


“Do you want that, sir? It's a new item here," asked the eunuch while staring at Li Huowang with his bronze coin eyes. The eunuch's voice wasn't androgynous but was like a confused mixture of a male and female voice.

“Yes. How many lifespan pills do I need to exchange for it?”

The eunuch's smile widened, “Yo~You are very discerning, sir. You just need thirty pills for it.”

“It's that expensive?” Li Huowang was shocked. He was aware of just how precious lifespan pills were.

“Haha, that’s why I said that you are very discerning, sir. This veil is rare even in Si Qi. Let me tell you its effects. Upon putting it on—”

“It’s fine. No need to explain it to me. I want it.” Li Huowang detached the gourd hanging from his waist and poured out thirty lifespan pills for the eunuch to take.

“Thank you for your patronage~! This is yours,” the eunuch said, accepting the pills graciously with both hands. His eyes were shining and were evidently filled with greed.

Li Huowang wore it and felt safer with the weight on his face. Then, he looked at the eunuch’s face and remarked, “Those coins... are you praying to the God of Wealth? Does the Bureau not care about that at all?”

“Hehehe~ surely, you jest, sir. Who doesn’t pray to the God of Wealth? Who would decline more money? Hehehe~”

Li Huowang decided to drop it, as it seemed like the eunuch would not answer his question. Moreover, he was here for something more important.

“Hm~ You want something that will heal a blind? I’m sure we have that, but... follow me. I will let my subordinates search for you.”

Li Huowang followed the eunuch into the depths of the vault. Rows and rows of drawers stretched into the distant darkness; the sight gave Li Huowang the creeps. The deeper they went, the older the drawers became; some of them were even moldy. Li Huowang didn’t know whether it was a false alarm or not, but he felt like someone was watching him as he walked past the moldy area of the vault.

Under the guidance of the eunuch, Li Huowang soon found himself standing before a moldy wall on the left side of the vault. There were numerous holes in the moldy wall.

Li Huowang was about to start asking questions when the eunuch took out a brush and wrote something on a piece of paper. Then, he rolled it and placed it in a bamboo tube before throwing it into the hole in the wall.

“Please wait a moment, sir. We should be able to find the things that you need. The Surveillance Bureau has gathered many treasures over the past hundreds of years, so we definitely have what you need.”

“I’m not in a rush,” Li Huowang said. After some time, Li Huowang felt uncomfortable in the silence and decided to ask, “Do you have any clues about what happened to the Natural Disaster? What was happening inside the Bureau at the time?”

“Sir, I know everything there is to know about the vault, but I can't help you with anything unrelated to it, as I’ve never stepped out of the vault.”

Li Huowang went cold and numb at the remark. He found it scary how the Liang Kingdom thought of some people as objects rather than a fellow human being. A eunuch who could never leave the vault would never steal.

The fact that there were such eunuchs made Li Huowang feel a shiver down his spine.

Soon, a bamboo tube emerged from the hole.

The eunuch read the written text and was overjoyed. “Sir, there's more than one method to regain one's eyesight!”

“Oh really? Quick, tell me what to do,” Li Huowang said. He had guessed right. The Surveillance Bureau truly had methods to heal the blind.

“The first method is called the Sacred Eye Bead. You need to insert the eye bead, which is roughly the size of one's fist, into your forehead. The Sacred Eye Bead will not only allow you to see better, but you can even disperse evil beings with it.”

“There’s only one eye; it's roughly the size of a fist, and you need to insert it into your forehead?” Li Huowang muttered. He imagined how scary Bai Lingmiao would look with a third eye.

“Isn't one eye enough, sir? I thought you're missing just one eyeball?” the eunuch asked, staring at Li Huowang’s empty eye socket.

“Unfortunately, my circulation technique passed through the forehead, so I can’t really use that one. Next.”

“Oh, the second treasure is the Golden Bridge Sutra. Upon obtaining a deep enough understanding of the sutra, you'd be able to regrow your eyeball. However, you have to be able to read and understand it. Moreover, you have to keep chanting it for several years.”


The eunuch listed out every single treasure they had available but Li Huowang rejected all of them. They were either too hard to use, had side effects, or they didn't meet Li Huowang’s criteria.

Eventually, only a few treasures remained. Li Huowang was hesitating whether or not he should just use the Sacred Eye Bead when the eunuch suddenly said something interesting.

“The eighth one is a piece of relic from the body of a monk who lived during the Great Qi. The monk had gathered a ton of merit, so his relic is extremely powerful. Swallow it with some ungrounded water, and you'll obtain the Mind's Eye.

"In other words, you'd still be able to see despite being blind."

“That's interesting,” Li Huowang remarked. Li Huowang thought that he had encountered a dead end, but Bai Lingmiao didn’t actually need an eye. She just had to be able to "see" her surroundings to be able to work properly.

The Mind's Eye was great, as it seemed to be able to see through invisibility and illusions.

Bai Lingmiao would actually become even stronger upon cultivating her Mind's Eye.

“I want that.”

“I'm not done explaining, kind sir. It's not something that anyone can do. It can only be used by someone kind. The kinder they are, the stronger their Mind's Eye. They have to be kind, or they might get exorcized by the relic."

“Kind? No problem. I want that.” Bai Lingmiao was definitely one of the kindest people Li Huowang had met so far.

The eunuch was puzzled, and he cast a doubtful gaze at Li Huowang. He sized up Li Huowang and took note of his bloody Daoist robes as well as his bag of torture tools before asking, “Sir, are you really kind?”

The eunuch was convinced that Li Huowang would try and use it for himself.

“Why can't I be kind? I want it, so stop the nonsense and get it for me,” Li Huowang said, frowning.

The eunuch went silent and turned around to guide Li Huowang into the forest of drawers again.

They had taken just a few steps before the eunuch turned around and looked at Li Huowang. “I forgot to tell you something, sir. The relic costs four hundred lifespan pills. Can you afford it?”

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