Dao of the Bizarre Immortal - C.470 - God Yu’er

Dao of the Bizarre Immortal

C.470 - God Yu’er

“God Yu’er? Which god is it?”

Li Huowang repeated the strange name in his mind, but even the fake Hong Zhong’s memories didn’t contain any information about God Yu'er.

While Li Huowang was still engrossed in his thoughts, the villagers did something unexpected. They became quiet and extinguished all of their light. They knelt on the ground and prayed silently amidst the darkness.

“Why are they kneeling?” Li Huowang sent his body projection into the ground and became invisible. He carefully approached the villagers.

Li Huowang thought they were praying to the large tree but saw that it was not the case. There was nothing but darkness up there.

Wait, darkness?! Li Huowang looked at the black cloth that everyone had on their wrist. He realized that it carried a different meaning.

“God Yu’er!” the villagers roared in unison and raised their arms while staring at the dark sky.

A violent tremor ran through the ground.

Li Huowang gulped nervously. He pushed Li Sui down to suppress both of their presence. The tremors became stronger as time ticked by. When Li Huowang saw the panicked look on the villagers' faces, he realized that the ground wasn't trembling because of God Yu'er's influence.

“KILL!” A thunderous roar echoed.

Li Huowang saw a burst of white light come from the darkness to his left, and he felt a sharp pain in his eyes as if they were being sliced apart by swords.

Li Huowang took a step back and rubbed his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw rows of troops wearing black armor, and they were charging at the villagers on their war horses.

Li Huowang finally knew why the ground was trembling. It was due to the approaching soldiers on horseback.

When the final wave of soldiers on horseback swept across the villagers, not even a single scrap of clothing remained on the ground. The villagers had become minced meat beneath the soldiers' stampede.

There were only thirty war horses, but Li Huowang felt like he had just witnessed the charge of thousands of men on horseback.

Shockingly, the soldiers pointed their weapons at Li Huowang once they were done trampling on the villagers.

Li Huowang looked at Li Sui, and his heart fell. “We’ve been found!”

The ground rumbled once again as the troops approached Li Huowang at breakneck speeds. Li Huowang wanted to run, but he had a feeling that he had been marked and that there was nowhere for him to run.

Just as the soldiers reached Li Huowang, the latter raised his identity plate as a Surveillance Bureau member. A fierce gust of wind swept past Li Huowang from both sides as the troops split into two and ran past him.

Li Huowang turned around and saw a man standing before him. The man was tall, and there was a colossal halberd in his hand. He was giving off an oppressive air that made him appear as if he were a mountain.

Li Huowang couldn’t see the man’s face from beneath due to the man's helmet, but Li Huowang saw white steam coming out from within the man's helmet.

While Li Huowang was thinking about what to do, the soldier placed his weapon on the back of his horse before taking out a piece of yellow silk fabric.

The man then unfurled the fabric and shouted, “Listen to the imperial decree! The world is in chaos, and His Majesty has acknowledged it!

"Numerous evil sects have formed in the Liang Kingdom in the aftermath of the Natural Disaster. They trick, lie, and they pray to a Natural Disaster! They are responsible for the misfortune of the world, and they must be executed!

"Spread this imperial decree throughout the world!”

The man rolled the yellow silk fabric and left on horseback before Li Huowang could ask any questions.

Soon, Li Huowang and Li Sui were left all by themselves. Li Huowang turned around and looked at the steaming pile of minced meat. “Evil sect? They're praying to a Natural Disaster? Is the so-called God Yu’er—”

Li Huowang stopped mid-way; his expression became pale, and he noticed his voice sounding similar to a crying crane.

“Father, are you okay?” Li Sui asked worriedly while tugging at Li Huowang’s robe.

Li Huowang shook his head. He finally understood why the Liang Kingdom was using the military to deal with these minor sects. It wasn't because the sect itself was strong; the issue was with the sect's object of devotion.

“It hasn't been that long since the Natural Disaster, and there are already sects worshiping that thing? It’s too fast. Why are they worshiping it? No, wait, I can't think of it that way. What does God Yu’er want from them?”

Li Huowang looked at Zhuge Yuan. “Senior Zhuge, why do I feel anxious? Do you have any clues as to what is about to happen?”

Zhuge Yuan looked at the pile of minced flesh in the distance and clenched his fan tightly. “Junior Li, I don't know. I am but an ordinary man. I can only hope that the Natural Disaster isn't the beginning of something.”

It would have been fine if Zhuge Yuan had said nothing, but Zhuge Yuan just had to express his worry, which made Li Huowang feel a burden on his shoulders.

“Senior Zhuge, God Yu’er—” Li Huowang felt a searing pain in his left ear, forcing him to stop mid-sentence and instinctively cover his ears.

“Junior Li, it's best if you don't ask any questions related to it. You will not be able to change anything even if you learn about those beings. Also, you'll become a part of them the moment you learn more about them. Their karma is going to cling to you.”

“I can’t say this... I can’t learn that. What can I do?” Li Huowang asked, irritated.

“There are things you can talk about. Take the fifty Heavenly Daos for example. The heavens control forty-nine of them, while humanity controls one. The only thing I can tell you is that even though some Simings had perished, the ones controlling the Heavenly Daos are still doing fine.

"If a Siming controlling one of the Heavenly Daos had somehow perished, you'd learn about it faster than me.”

Chaotic scenes flashed in Li Huowang's mind just then, and his face scrunched up from the extreme pain radiating throughout his head. “This crazy world really isn't a world fit for humans!”

“Senior Li, what’s wrong?” Bai Lingmiao's voice echoed just then. She was wearing a robe as she walked over to Li Huowang.

Li Huowang looked at the pile of meat on the ground before turning around to meet Bai Lingmiao.

“Nothing. I was just using the toilet,” Li Huowang said.

Li Huowang could feel that something was amiss; he felt as if the current calm was the calm before the storm.

The Surveillance Bureau was there to protect the world, but Li Huowang wasn’t sure whether the Surveillance Bureau could withstand what was about to happen or not.

However, Li Huowang himself knew that the only thing he could do was speed up his cultivation. At the very least, he'd be able to protect his beloved ones by then.

Li Huowang couldn't help but give Bai Lingmiao a tight hug.

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