Apocalypse Gachapon - C.771: Let it go

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.771: Let it go

Your sister!

All the evolved cursed.

You kill it?

Why didnt you appear before? You even hid the fact that you were following the troops? We are risking our lives to injure this fellow and pay a heavy price, and then you appear?

You kill?

Why didnt you appear when the Iron Giant used Cannibal Flower, Eye Light Pillar, and Lightning Cloud? Now that you saw that it was weak and fleeing, and then you want to kill it?

Moreover, you can kill it, but why ask people to scram? Even if you want to take advantage, have some bottom line? Where is your pride?

Cloud Peak and Ying City Alliance were naturally furious. Even Mu Xinfei, Guang Yao, and others felt like they had been slapped in the face.

No matter how their relationship with Cloud Peak would be in the future, at least now, they were from the Resistance Zone. To others, they were all on the same side.

Others might not know, but they did. This seven-star evolved was nurtured by them. This didn't make sense since he was snatching resources from them. The two of them felt like they were smashing stones onto their own feet.

Jayce charged in front of the Chain Prisoner and targeted the weakness on his neck. The sword spun and hit the hand that the Chain Prisoner used to cover the wound.

Blood spurted.

This skill, which should be a bloodline or job skill, broke its skin.

This attack caused everyone to pay attention. C Zone cheered, but S and T Zone were furious.

Since you had such a strong ability, shouldnt you have just appeared at the start? Would everyone need to risk their lives so badly? Maybe they would have won easily.

Two seven-star evolved working together along with all the six and five-star evolved; they could have swept it.

Mutated lifeforms wouldnt use their strongest skills initially, and their habit gave humans a good chance. This Chain Prisoner was the same. If Jayce had joined at the start, maybe the Chain Prisoner wouldnt have released that lightning cloud!

The Chain Prisoner shouted in pain. The Ghost Metal Chains whipped toward Jayce. The soundwave was exceptionally loud. From this distance, Jayce wouldnt be able to dodge.

When Ye Zhongming saw that, he rushed under the Chain Prisoners body.

Jayce, who was wrapped in his wings, knew the attack was arriving. He stopped spinning. The four swords spread from the wings. Along with the spin, the sound of the blade slicing the sky got louder.

The swords were like toothpicks in front of the Chain Prisoner and these chains. Everyone was worried that Jayce was overestimating himself.

But when both sides clashed, the outcome shocked everyone.

Although the chains knocked Jayce away, the chains that touched his swords were sliced. In a short while, Ghost Metal fell from the sky. Ye Zhongming, who was waiting below, picked them up.

This fellow broke its defense and sliced many pieces of Ghost Metal. This infuriated the Chain Prisoner. It opened its mouth and roared at him.

It was so loud that everyone had to cover their ears. Those lower-level ones started to bleed.

Everyone knew that this should be a soundwave attack.

As expected, Jayces spinning body paused, and he shook in the sky.

Using this chance, the Chain Prisoner lined dozens of chains and smacked down like it was hitting a fly!

This seven-star evolved was sent into the ground.

Many people exclaimed. Even Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao were no exception. After all, this was one of the two Resistance Zone evolved. If he died here, it would be a huge loss.

Maybe only Ye Zhongming knew that this fellow should be fine.

Four Winged Devil Bloodline not only increased the user's body qualities and gave him many attack skills, but it also gave him defense.

Jayce dared to challenge the Chain Prisoner because of this defense, which gave him confidence.

Of course, this defense had to do with how long the bloodline could last. The stronger the attack he faced, the shorter the time.

Ye Zhongming laughed coldly. If the Chain Prisoner were so easy to kill, it wouldnt have been able to roam the wilderness and cities until it was nine-star.

Seeing the fly that it damaged being hit, the Chain Prisoner didnt show signs of letting him go. It used its leg to trample the ground.

Attack, attack!

An Mans eyes were about to pop out. His reaction was totally different from before. He was prideful and felt like a level eight lifeform was about to die under his leadership. But now he was filled with terror and afraid that a seven-star evolved was going to die when he was the commander.

Then, his future in the resistance zone would be finished.

The Resistance Zone could allow six-star evolved to die, but not seven-star!

He shouted towards Cloud Peak, Ying City, and S and T Zones.

But everyone ignored him.

If it were before, Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao would have helped, but now that Jayce was kill stealing? He failed, and you wanted us to help? Wishful thinking.

Even if they wanted to help, they wouldnt go now. The Chain Prisoner was stepping on Jayce, and if he was dying, he was probably dead. What was the point?

As for Cloud Peak and Ying City, they hoped for him to die. Help? Stop dreaming!

C, G, and the outside factions started to attack the Chain Prisoner to save Jayce. Although they were attacking, they grumbled to themselves: Who asked you to kill steal? Why did you ask them to scram? Now, you have failed and are getting attacked, and you want people to save you.

Boss, should we help? Ah Yang felt like attacking now would allow them to kill the Chain Prisoner.

Zhao Xingmei, Mu Xinfei, and Guang Yao looked at Ye Zhongming and waited for his decision.

Ye Zhongming weighed the pros and cons and said something surprising.

No, lets let it go.

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