Apocalypse Gachapon - C.770: Four Winged Devil

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.770: Four Winged Devil

Old Jia attacked!

Joy appeared on the faces of An Man, Zhang Hengzhou, and the others when they saw that person. Their glee covered the awkwardness and tiredness on their faces when lightning hit them.

Why would the Resistance Zone battle the Iron Giant? Were they stupid? No! They had a perfect intel system and the best analyst. Their plans to eradicate level eight lifeforms were so detailed that they could be stacked a few meters tall.

Only because everyone felt it was possible, which was why they tried.

The Resistance Zone was more careful and professional than the other factions in the apocalypse.

Although An Man had to come to an agreement, he didnt plan to follow it. He only wanted Cloud Peak to suffer heavy losses in the battle so that he could benefit.

But C Zone and the resistance zone had their trump card.

Even if they hadnt taken it out.

What couldnt be denied was that Ye Zhongming and Cloud Peak shocked An Man and the others. They really had a way to injure the Chain Prisoner badly. Looking at the situation, if they had some time, they might be able to kill it.

If such a thing happened, would An Man be happy with only 20%?

Even if he agreed, the bosses of C Zone wouldnt.

So An Man planned to go against his word from the start.

Now, he didnt have to take responsibility. Someone with a higher status than him attacked.

Jayce, Resistance Zones seven-star evolved.

Each of the four zones didnt have seven star evolved. More accurately, each zone didnt have a seven-star evolved.

Maybe there would be one soon, but at least now, the resistance zone only had two seven-star evolved; they were both alone and didnt belong to a zone.

The four zones nurtured them. Their resources were piled so that one person could lead the country.

For this, each zone paid a heavy price.

If Ye Zhongming had understood everything about the Resistance Zone, he would have been shocked by their generosity.

Ye Zhongming had only obtained one seven-star potion to date. How did he get it? Using the level seven crystals in the secret realm.

Could he obtain one seven-star potion by himself? Impossible!

It wasnt that Ye Zhongming wasnt strong enough or that he didnt use his advantage; it was because he didnt have so many resources.

How did the Resistance Zone get so many level-seven crystals to obtain the potions? They searched for level seven lifeforms and marked them. They followed and grasped all the information and set a plan to kill it!

One could say that they were killing these beasts around the entire country.

There were definitely losses, but they obtained many level-seven demon crystals. They placed them together to get a seven-star potion.

One could say that these two seven-star evolved were exchanged using bones.

Their level eight mutated lifeform hunt was what they did for the level seven beasts. But they weren't in such a rush because level eight lifeforms were harder to deal with, and this evolution wave wasnt here yet.

With great power came great responsibility. The Resistance Zone knew that the apocalypse was coming, and they had huge amounts of resources, but they also held responsibilities that other factions didnt need to bear.

They had to have the top combat strength.

Before Xia Bai became seven stars, the resistance zone already had seven stars evolved. They were the first to have such strength. Even now, they are the only organization with two seven-star evolved.

No one knew how long it would last; it might be very short, but it was currently like that.

But dont think they would care for other humans just because they had this responsibility. On the contrary, they didnt mind stealing resources if they could.

Now, they wouldnt give up the chance to kill this level-eight lifeform.

So, Jayce, the seven-star evolved who had been hiding in the Resistance Zone camp, appeared. He saw the Chain Prisoners weakness.

Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao were unsure if the seven-star evolved would join in, but they leaned towards no. To them, it was possible for all of them to kill the level eight lifeform, and they didnt need the seven-star evolved to attack.

Now that Jayce had jumped out, their hearts sank.

Mu Xinfei and Wen Zhong didnt get any news of Jayce following. This could mean many things.

Jayice might be leaning towards C Zone.

Jayce appeared and showed eye-catching ability. His body transformed in midair. Four giant black wings stretched from his back, and an arm was on the tip of all of them, holding a sharp sword. His own hands held a shield and sword which shone green. The weapons were exquisite, and there were patterns on them. It looked like a set of equipment.

He also wore a silver Holy Army Coat. He had the best equipment in Resistance Zone and even the world.

As he flapped his wings, he flew to the Chain Prisoners height. The four swords swung backward, hidden beneath the wings. The wings then hid his body under them, and he became the shape of a drill.

Light shone from his body. With his wings covering his head, he stretched his sword out. The four thin swords on his body stretched out. After reaching a certain height, he dove towards the Chain Prisoner.

Four Winged Devil Bloodline?

Ye Zhongming recognized his bloodline and was shocked. This was a bloodline with a strong attack and decent defense. Moreover, it was tough to say if this was an explosive or continuous bloodline. It could show strong combat strength in a short time but it could be maintained for a long time. In his last life, this was one of the top bloodlines.

This seven star evolved was very strong.

This was Ye Zhongmings evaluation.

But in the next second, his expression changed. Along with him were the survivors who were in charge of attacking.

They heard Jayce shouting at them.

Scram! I will kill it!

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