Apocalypse Gachapon - C.768: Flesh valley

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.768: Flesh valley

The seven teens used the Basic Berserk Potion.

This was the other recipe that the Neutral Grasp gave.

It was a type of Berserk Potion, like the beast form potion that those few from Signal Flag used in the arena.

But those beast-form potions were man-made, and the technology wasnt mature. It had many side effects. This was a form of wheel technology with a recipe, so although there was a side effect, it wasnt as severe.

The Basic Berserk Potion could increase ones ability by 30%. The side effects would be based on ones evolution level; the feeling of weakness would last a few hours to a few days.

Ye Zhongming was tempted when he saw the few teens in the arena using that strike. He thought of a way to deal with the Chain Prisoner.

To use the states of the War Manuscript along with the Basic Berserk Potion that Xia Lei brought to increase the strength of Dragon Head Strike. He wanted to see if that could kill the Chain Prisoner.

Ye Zhongming admitted he didnt have as strong an attack as that.

Seven people using the potion and increasing their stats by 30%, on this basis, the first ability would also buff each one of them by 12%!

If each persons current ability were 100, it would reach 130 after using the potion. Along with the 12%, it would be 145.6. The Dragon Head Strike focused 10% of each persons stats onto one person. Before the attack, that persons body value would be close to 233!

This meant that that persons stats would have more than doubled before they attacked.

If one included the third ability, the strength would increase by 30%!

One could imagine how terrifying their strike would be.

This did not include the buff of Sand Dance. If one included that, the value would increase further.

Also, dont forget that a few of them learned the Scorching Flame Technique!

Also, dont forget that they had used modified evolution potions to grow to their current level!

With such buffs, the bright slash that left a huge impression on the resistance zones appeared, and they sliced toward the weakness on the neck of the Chain Prisoner.

Before the Dragon Head Strike, Xia Bais attack had sliced there.

Everything happened quickly, and it took only a few instances to change the situation.

The Chain Prisoner cared most about Xia Bais landing, but it was distracted by a chain being sliced.

But that was not enough to give Xia Bai the chance to slice into its neck. When Xia Bai was landing, she used her Purple Mask.

Extreme Cold Suppression!

The cold mist reached the Chain Prisoners face and caused the big fellow to slow down, which gave Xia Bai a chance.

At the same time, it also gave the seven teens a chance.

The chance that Ye Zhongming mentioned had arrived.

Xia Bai didnt even look at the outcome. She jumped off the Chain Prisoners body and leaped towards the giant lotus. At the same time, a rope flew from her hands to wrap the stem. When she slid towards the ground, the scythe sliced the lotus.

In the air, the Draogn Head Strike hit the black tattoo.

The entire battlefield froze.


The Chain Prisoner gave out its loudest cry. The Dragon Head Strike hit its neck, and large amounts of blood splattered.

From the same direction, one could see the white bones and the purplish and green veins.

That was really its weakness!

Xia Bais strike broke the defense. It might have just broken the skin, but what happened next sliced the skin and gave a bone-deep wound.

This was the biggest victory they had obtained since the start. Although the Chain Prisoner had been in a bad state, its injuries werent as bad as this.

Three light arrows arrived and shot into this wound.

Zhao Xingmei was sweating. She used her strongest strike and laid on a Yellow Ball that had flown into the sky once again.

The few powerless teens fell from the broken lotus. Liang Chuyin and the others were ready and caught them. The entire Cloud Peak team started to retreat.

They knew that they had just sliced open the Chain Prisoners neck, and they didnt break it. Even if this were a fatal wound, this huge fellow wouldnt die instantly. Its counterattacks would be ferocious.

As expected, the Chain Prisoner was enraged by its injuries. It was more furious than before when it used the Cannibal Flower Ocean. It touched the wound on its neck and wanted to pull the few arrows out. But its fingers were too thick. The arrows were like hair to it, and it couldnt get it out. Instead, it pushed it deeper. Its body stumbled, and it knelt on the ground.

The humans all felt the intense earthquake beneath their feet.

The Chain Prisoner ignored its wound. It tossed the Blood Wood toward the seven teens. Liang Chuyin and the others dodged, and the crystal cannons and Violent Lightning Turret attacked to try to knock the huge piece of wood aside.

The Blood Wood deviated from the attacks and fell near the team. This was where Ying City and S Zone warriors intersected. At least a dozen people were smashed to death. A few were squashed, and those parts were turned into meat paste. They cried out in pain. The momentum caused the Blood Wood to roll. Any evolved it touched would either be dead or injured. It left a blood valley behind it!

But the nightmare was far from over. That eye lit up as if energy was gathering there. Ye Zhongming shouted in rage for everyone near him to gather while those far away should retreat.


A silver light pillar shot from its eye. Along with its head moving, it started to sweep everything in front of it.

Ye Zhongming raised Nature Staff to protect the Cloud Peak warriors around him. As for the others, he couldnt help them. He wasnt even confident that the nature gem and Nature Staff could protect these people.

Where the light pillar passed, anyone who was touched was turned to ash. Water Bottle Protection and the silver light pillar clashed a few seconds later. The entire battlefield gave off an eye-piercing light. Everyone covered their eyes and didnt dare to see what had happened.

The sky was covered in dark clouds. Lightning twisted in the skies and swarmed the dark clouds.

The Life Horn on the Iron Giants forehead not only had support skills!

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