Apocalypse Gachapon - C.767: Time Charge

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.767: Time Charge

What happened stunned many people.

No one felt like they could kill this fellow alone. Even the strongest level seven humans now didnt think they could.

The higher ones evolution level, the bigger the gap between levels. This gap reached its peak when the beasts reached level nine. Ultimately, level nine mutated lifeforms were on a whole new level.

Although this Iron Giant was just level eight, but it was the peak of what humans could discover. Not to mention a six-star evolved charging at it; even if a seven-star evolved came, there was nothing he could do to it.

They could only use numbers to kill it. To accumulate small injuries at one spot to badly injure it and then find a chance to kill it.

But the Iron Giant showed that it didnt fear such tactics. Those terrifying Cannibal Flowers could kill four-star evolved; only five-star evolved had a chance against it. But how many of them were there? Moreover, having a chance didnt mean they could win. How many five-star evolved died?

Even so, why was Cloud Peak launching a crazy attack? The chaotic internal environment of the entire alliance army was the best chance to retreat.

Also, it was okay if they were crazy, but to let their own boss attack, was so unwise. If he died, wouldnt everything be gone?

But everyone had to admit that their courage was worthy of respect. Not everyone could launch such an attack when they faced a level eight lifeform.

In such complicated expressions and gazes, everyone saw a figure descend from above.

Right, descend.

Xia Bai was on the Exquisite Floating Ball and leaped off when she heard the message from the Battle Contribution Badge.

Cloud Peaks seven-star evolved has attacked!

Many people had a deep impression of this woman who wore a mask and gave off a threatening aura. Everyone knew that Xia Bais appearance meant Cloud Peak was going all out.

Those who wanted to retreat all stopped. They didnt want to miss out on this battle.

Xia Bai retracted her body and only stretched when she approached the Chain Prisoner. The long scythe sliced towards its neck.

There was one of the weaknesses there: the black flower tattoo.

Xia Bai started her attack on this weakness.

In the instance that Xia Bai landed, the Chain Prisoners metal chains hit Ye Zhongming and Yellow Ball.

Both of them were sent flying.


Such a thought appeared in many of their hearts. Everyone saw the strength of those chains. Just one whip was enough to smack a five-star evolved to death. So many chains hitting you would turn you into meat paste.

Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao looked at those scenes, and their expressions changed.

Ye Zhongming was their chosen partner. T Zone was okay, as both sides were using each other. S Zone had made a huge bet on him, and he was... sent flying?

Mu Xinfei was a six-star evolved. She knew the body qualities of such a level. Even if Ye Zhongming was wearing a green piece of equipment and had the beast defense buff on him, he might be unable to block a level eight lifeforms attack.

Would S Zone collapse just like that? Would their gamble fail in such a short time?

Huala! Hong!

This sound shocked many people and even attracted everyones attention away from Xia Bai and Ye Zhongmings bodies.

A Ghost Metal Chain fell to the ground.

Ye Zhongmings strike sliced a chain!

The Cloud Peak warriors who had charged near the Chain Prisoner grabbed the chain and retreated.


The Chain Prisoner opened its eyes wide. It remembered that someone had stolen a chain from it not long ago. That person looked similar to the one it smacked.

Seeing that Cloud Peak didnt panic and stole a chain, Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao realized something. They looked towards Ye Zhongming and saw that although the two of them were injured after stumbling, they stood up. Moreover, they flew forward, and when they were near the Chain Prisoner, he tossed... a seed.

They relaxed. At the same time, they were shocked that Ye Zhongming could block the Chain Prisoners attacks.

This exceeded their understanding. They wouldnt be able to do that if they were in his shoes.

Ye Zhongming couldnt tank so many Ghost Metal Chain strikes. The reason why he was only slightly injured was because of one equipment.

Spirit Qilin Pendant.

A piece of defensive equipment he got from the Competition Death Wheel.

This equipment only had two abilities. One was a Magnetic Field that formed that caused all metal-ranged attacks to deviate.

Another was Time Charge. It would charge when it wasnt activated, and the longer the time, the stronger the defense.

Ye Zhongming hasnt used it much since he got it. It had been charging for a long time. It was a white grade equipment, and the Treasure Nurturing Gourd raised it to silver grade.

Such a long charge formed a sizeable one-time defensive shield. Even the Chain Prisoners attacks were mostly blocked. The remaining energy was blocked by the Black Solid set and Ye Zhongmings own defense.

This was why he was fine. This equipment that was useful to metal attacks is really useful now.

Ye Zhongming was not injured and leaped off Yellow Balls body. He pressed onto the seed he tossed and used Nurture. A green plant broke from the ground and grew tallera giant lotus.

Ah Yangs seven brothers had arrived and stood above the lotus. They placed their hands on the shoulders of the person ahead, and the others poured a red potion into their mouths.

Their bodies turned red, and even their eyes were red. The person at the front raised Sand Dance when it got to the same height as the Chain Prisoner and waved the same strike they used on that six-star evolved in the arena.

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