Apocalypse Gachapon - C.765: Blood Feast

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.765: Blood Feast

The Chain Prisoners seemingly suicidal action terrified Ye Zhongming.

He felt the intense killing intent from the one eye of the Chain Prisoner.

Retreat! Retreat!

Ye Zhongming told his subordinates to get further away. What happened next might be very terrifying!

The bullets in mid-air froze, and the bullets from the golden and silver Exquisite Floating Balls were emptied.

The Chain Prisoner opened its mouth, and it looked weird. Ye Zhongmings uneasiness grew. He rode on Yellow Ball and started to open the distance between them.

But the others didnt know and were still immersed in the joy of killing a level eight mutated lifeform.

At this level, these mutated lifeforms were covered in treasures. Everyone knew that crystals werent the most valuable part. Their bones, blood, flesh, etc., contained huge energy, which might give humans special abilities.


The Chain Prisoner braved the bullet rain and stuck the giant Blood Wood into the ground. It stood up, and the blood scattered like rain.

These people were stunned when they saw the Chain Prisoner stand up, but they didnt realize anything. Only some higher-level evolved, or people with special abilities were confused and felt a sense of danger.

But the Chain Prisoner launched its most ferocious counterattack before they could do anything!

It held the giant Blood Wood over its head and smashed it onto its horn. The enormous energy circulated the two pieces of equipment that Ye Zhongming craved. A purple color appeared on the wood.

It is bearing fruit?

Many people were shocked. With their eyesight, they saw clearly that a patch of small purple fruits had appeared on the Blood Wood.


Ye Zhongming cursed and told Yellow Ball to fly toward where Cloud Peak was!

He recognized what it was.

The Chain Prisoner flicked its wrist, which caused the wood to spin. That purple fruits scattered around.

Although the people didnt know it was, they knew it wasnt anything good. They attacked the little fruits. Surprisingly, the fruits were tough, and very few attacks could break their purple flesh.

When they saw Ye Zhongming diving down, Cloud Peak retreating, and Ying City retreating, Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao realized that things were bad, and they retreated, too.

Those fruits started to land on the ground. The dozen-meter height was nothing to these half-fist-sized purple fruits.

The fruits didnt explode or break apart; they started to Drill into the ground.

What is that?

Mu Xinfei ran to Ye Zhongming and asked.

Ye Zhongming turned to look at the fruits and said solemnly, Cannibal Flowers!

The others didnt understand, but Cloud Peak did. Under Cloud Peaks new walls were Cannibal Flowers, which were even modified ones!

They knew how strong it was.

The others didntespecially the C and G region warriors who had charged forward and those external factions.

They were terrified when they saw the seeds drill into the ground, and some started to retreat. Some hesitated, and as such, their formations were in a mess.

A few seconds later, they paid the price for their actions.

The purple sprouts covered a huge region around the Chain Prisoner. They were growing quickly and were human-sized in just a short time.

Some people tried to attack them in these few seconds, but these flowers were very tough. There were tens of thousands of them. Apart from some people with strong abilities or weapons to slice them, the others didnt have the ability to deal lethal damage.

Then, they attacked.

These terrifying plants opened their huge mouths and revealed their sharp teeth.

Cannibal Flower!

Even people who didnt recognize these things knew what they were. Many people cried in terror, and what followed next were just screams.

Some fled, some resisted, some dodged

The people here were at least four star evolved and above. With their strength, they were average in the apocalypse evolution system. To reach this level at this time, they were indeed very strong.

However, these Cannibal Flowers had no levels, and their attacks were simple. Thus, these evolved felt powerless.

If these giant flowers bit you, you were dead. Their teeth could secrete a nervous system toxin. No matter where they bit, you would lose your ability to resist and be swallowed in a few seconds.

Those attacks and resistance would hit their bodies and damage them. They would even knock out many teeth. But if their heads were sliced, these flowers wouldnt die. It wouldnt even affect their attacks.

The terrifying thing was that defensive skills and equipment werent very useful. Only silver and above defensive gear could stop their bites.

In the chaos, many skills hit surrounding survivors, causing them to kill each other. It also wiped out the remaining morale.

The humans lasted for less than five minutes before they collapsed.

C and G Zone survivors cried and fled from this death land of purple.

The biting and chewing caused large amounts of blood to flow from their mouths, dripping onto the ground. In the next dozens of seconds, they started to spit things out. They were the corroded equipment and white bones!

Ye Zhongming, Cloud Peak, and S and T Zone barely escaped. They turned and felt fortunate that they escaped.

This is Blood Feast?

Guang Yao looked at the scene and muttered.

Ye Zhongming didnt care. He looked up at the Chain Prisoner because light had started to light up at where the Blood Wood was stuck into the ground.

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