Apocalypse Gachapon - C.763.5- Begin part 2

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.763.5- Begin part 2

Most of the 80 thousand were sent to clear the areas around them. The battlefield on which they would fight the Iron Giant was also cleared.

They wouldnt attack the Iron Giant. The five star evolved of these few dozen battle squads were the main force in such a battle.

The Iron Giant sat in the wilderness. In one hand was the giant Blood Wood, and the other hand shoved monsters into his mouth.

He didnt care about these ants.

The sharp teeth ripped the tough bodies of the monsters. Fresh blood flowed from their bodies and dyed their chins, as well as the Ghost Metal chains in front of his chest.

The thousands of five-star evolved felt numb.

That level six mutated lifeform couldnt resist at all and became its lunch.

Does that weakness really exist?

Mu Xinfei frowned and asked.

After a few hours of preparation, the attack was about to begin. But Ye Zhongming told the C and T Zone warriors that the weakness was in the black flower tattoos on its neck. That shocked everyone.

Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao didnt believe it.

They monitored the Iron Giant for a long time but had never heard of such a weakness. They didnt believe Ye Zhongming and Cloud Peak understood this fellow more than the resistance zones.

I am just saying that it is possible. Ye Zhongming checked his equipment while looking around.

If that is the case, that would be the best, and we will focus on that. If not, then we will just attack. Get some benefits and retreat. You really want to risk your lives against a level-eight lifeform?

Ye Zhongming set out his requirements with An Man. Honestly, he wouldnt risk his life against the Chain Prisoner.

He could fight a level seven mutated lifeform and even dared to do it alone. But level eight and was also the famous Chain Prisoner. He had no confidence at all.

The reason why it didnt have a name was because it died before it reached level nine.

Hearing Ye Zhongming say that, Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao relaxed.

They could allow the mission to fail but couldnt allow their hard-fought ally to die.

These potions are for all of you; I will give you all a chance to strike. Remember, there is only one chance!

Ye Zhongming called Ah Yangs seven brothers and told them his plan.

Ah Yang, bring people with them. Once you attack, protect them as they retreat.

Ah Yang nodded.

Xingmei, your mission is important. If their attacks work, your attacks must follow up. What we can get after will depend on you.

Ye Zhongming turned towards Zhao Xingmei. The archer was very crucial in his plan.

Dont worry, but how will you reward me if I kill this fellow?

She winked at Ye Zhongming, and that caused the influencer to be wary.

Seeing how angry Liang Chuyin was, Zhao Xingmei laughed.

Ye Zhongming didnt mind Zhao Xingmei teasing him. He looked at Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao and said, We are the main attack, but we are also the secondary attacking force. Be careful.

They acknowledged and split up, entering their positions.

The Chain Prisoner had eaten most of the monsters and chewed their bones.

Maybe because the ants had given off killing intent, its giant eye looked around. It opened its mouth and gave a loud shout.

The voice sounded as high-pitched as a baby.

Ye Zhongming clenched his blade. The Exquisite Floating Ball, which belonged to Cloud Peak, shot flames from the sky. Two small-looking missilesArrow 3were fired.

Their attacks against the Chain Prisoner had begun!


The Chain Prisoner noticed the two missiles and gave out an unknown cry. It stood up and waved the Blood Wood at it.

At the same time, Ye Zhongming rode Yellow Ball and flew into the sky!

The Wind Riding Spirit Wing from the Black Beast Tool set. It allowed Yellow Ball to have the ability to glide.

Hong! Hong!

The Blood Wood found the two missiles and caused them to explode.

The 80 thousand survivors looked nervously at this hunt that would be recorded in the history books.

Flame and smoke affected its vision, but when Ye Zhongming appeared around its head, it didnt notice at all.

Blade light and crystal energy demon gun light shone!

Ye Zhongming wasnt determined to kill it, but he wouldn't give it up if he had a chance.

As Ye Zhongming flew into the sky, everyone else's attacks began.

Mu Xinfeis S Zone was not stable, but they were still elites of mankind. Ripping Rose Battle Squad showed their might, and their attacks even suppressed that of Cloud Peaks Xia Bais forces.

At the same time, the other battle squads started to attack. Their cooperation didnt collapse at the start. The ranged skills landed on the Chain Prisoners legs.


The Chain Prisoner gave another weird sound. The Horn of Life shone, and numerous specks of light scattered from the horn. They started to flow like a waterfall, covering its body inside.

These light spots stopped the attacks.

Heavy Life!

The Chain Prisoner used its first skill of the day.

The light seemed slow, but it was actually swift. Ye Zhongmings attacks were stopped, too. The attack and the light clashed and gave off an eye-catching glow.

Such strong defense. This is the strength of a level eight lifeform?

Many people saw the skill and had such a thought.

Armor Breaking!

Ye Zhongming roared. Cloud Peaks squad fired the Armor-Breaking bullet Ye Zhongming had prepared for this operation. Those at the front tossed over 30 green potions at it!

One of Candys equipment, one of the two recipes, Corrosive Bomb!

Green liquid sprayed on the light spots and sizzled.

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