Apocalypse Gachapon - C.762: Bald head’s ball part 1

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.762: Bald head’s ball part 1

Sometimes, Ye Zhongming will feel the power of fate circulating around him.

In his last life, he stood before his window when the Chain Prisoner appeared in his city and looked at it from afar. Even from far away, his body went soft from fear. For a few consecutive days, his nightmare was of this 50-meter-tall fellow.

In this life, he challenged his nightmare and gained some Ghost Metal and a few Cannibal Seeds. This was also the first time he was injured in this last life, starting the fate with his few subordinates.

On that day, he met Mu Xinfei. The nine star evolved from his last life, the person who killed the Chain Prisoner.

Now, he bumped into it again, and the killer, Mu Xinfei, was here too.

The Metal Giant of the resistance zone was the Chain Prisoner!

Ye Zhongming understood why Mu Xinfei and the other two nine-star evolved would work together to hunt this fellow. So, the resistance zone had long targeted it.

But in the last life, this operation should have failed. The Chain Prisoner at least lived until Mu Xinfei had evolved to nine-star.

Who knew if his participation today would change things?

Ye Zhongming wasnt confident. Even if the Chain Prisoner was only level-eight, similarly, the humans didnt have any nine-star evolved. No one was eight-star; the highest was only seven-star.

They looked at the Chain Prisoner dragging its three thick legs. Ye Zhongming was worried but excited.

He only obtained some Ghost Metal from this fellow, which helped his job. Half of his equipment reached their current levels because of Ghost Metal. The Cannibal Flowers from that Blood Wood had started growing in Cloud Peak and became an important part of its defense system.

If he could really kill the Chain Prisoner, then the Ghost Metal would be enough for 10-20 years. The Blood Wood would also give him a huge surprise.

Of course, he wouldnt forget about the horn with lightning surging around it--- Horn of Life!

That was a god artifact for plant-type beasts. If he got it, his gardener job would greatly improve. It might even reach the highest grade, like the Elimination Technique.

That one eye was also the main ingredient in crafting Bright Eye Liquid. It was something archers or snipers dreamed of. Their eyesight would greatly increase. Their long-range vision, night vision, etc, would improve.

Others could also eat the meat that could turn ordinary people into evolved, blood that greatly strengthened skin, and other unknown things

This battle was dangerous, but the things he could get were far better than he imagined.

One could say that even if Ye Zhongming knew how dangerous it was, he would gamble everything to kill it.

The external factions invited were nearby. They suffered some losses along the way, but it wasnt a big problem. The commanders were gathered for a meeting.

C2s An Man was in charge, but because Mu Xinfei followed, her status was higher, so the two were both in charge.

An Man was the bald man who asked about Mu Xinfeis body during the meeting. His C2 Resistance Zone was connected with the S Zone; to a certain extent, he was the biggest factor in the instability of the S Zone.

An Man smiled at Mu Xinfei. People who didnt know him would think that he really treated her like a niece.

C Zone and S Zone invited many external factions, four each. G Zone invited two, and T Zone invited one. Along with each resistance zone sending support battle squad, there were nearly 80 thousand. C Zone invited the Signal Flag Battle Squad and Black Cup Battle Squad, S Zone invited Flying Cat Assault Camp, and G Zonee invited the Dried Sand Battle Squad, which was above eight thousand. The other factions were between three and eight. Out of the four battle squads from the resistance zones, Mu Xinfeis Ripping Rose was the biggest, with six thousand. The other three were around three thousand.

The least was Ye Zhongmings Cloud Peak. With Ying City Alliance, there were only 1500 of them.

But no one underesimtaed them. They won nearly ten thousand mutated lifeforms outside the city and bought many things in the camp, showing their riches. A few unassuming members killed the core members of Signal Flag Battle Squad a few days ago. Today, with the four battle zones each bringing an Exquisite Floating Ball, Ye Zhongmings fifth battle shone gold. His ability to upgrade anything in his hands shocked everyone.

Some people didnt believe Ye Zhongming could modify it, but T Zones ball had become silver. That broke their guesses, and many people looked at him with envy.

Having a good relationship with Smiths was something everyone in the apocalypse knew about. Using this chance that they were fighting on the same side, should they try to get close? And then, in the future, ask him to help craft some equipment.

Niece Xinfei, lets design an attack plan?

An Man smiled at Mu Xinfei and touched his bald head. His oily look made one vomit. Mu Xinfei already turned on those who didnt follow her commands, so she didnt bother to treat this mastermind politely. She only nodded coldly.

An Man didnt care and started to plan after taking out a map. Everyone listened, and their expressions changed.

It could be summarised as Mu Xinfeis Battle Squad, the Blistering Tongue Battle Squad she invited that was still under her control, and Cloud Peak was in charge of fighting head-on. The other battle squads would scatter around. They said it was attacking together, but everyone knew they were doing the heavy work; the rest were just supporting. If possible, they would even clear the mutated lifeforms on the outskirts.

Uncle An, do you think I will agree to this plan?

Mu Xinfeis face turned white from rage. Her Ripping Rose had 6 thousand people; Blistering Tongue had five thousand. Along with Ye Zhongmings 1500, they only had 12000 people. This didnt seem little, but honestly, one had to be five-star to block a level-eight lifeforms damage; how many of them were five-star? With Ye Zhongmings help, this number wasnt little, but it wasnt more than a thousand. The ones who could really kill a level eight lifeform were the six-star evolved. Out of these 12 thousand, only a few dozen!

Deal with a level-eight lifeform with a few dozen people? Stop joking.

Although the previous plan wasnt announced, but everyone knew that they would use the five-star evolved to clear the battlefield to stop the surrounding mutated lifeforms. Those above would join in and attack.

Thousands of high-level evolved fighting might kill the level-eight fellow.

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