Apocalypse Gachapon - C.757.5- Gamble part 2

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.757.5- Gamble part 2

Ye Zhongming took something out and showed it to him.

Zhang Hengzhou and Zhao Jingchen were stunned, and then a look of greed agreed on their faces.

Ye Zhongming took out the Demon Nurturing Bee Hive.

That was a blue piece of equipment, and it was a level above green. Its value was far above the three scrolls.

Beast Pool type equipment!

That person from Five Rin Money was knowledgeable and saw what type the nest was. His body was shaking.

Even the resistance zone had limited green equipment. The number of blue equipment they had didnt exceed 10.

Will you take it?

Ye Zhongming asked again.

That person bit his teeth, and he tried to calculate.

I need to ask!

He ignored Ye Zhongmings reply and disappeared into the crowd.

His level wasnt enough to decide on such a gamble.

Brother Zhongming The few teens saw things going in a direction they did not expect. They saw their boss take out the Exquisite Floating Ball and Bee Hive as a bet. Even if they were stupid, they knew that things were suspicious.

If they lost, how would they answer to Ye Zhongming, who stepped up for them?

Didnt you bring the blades? Ye ZHongming smiled. He signaled to their bags.

We did, but they have a six-star evolved.

When Ye Zhongming and that person agreed to bet, Ah Yang had been observing their opponents. One of their aura was stable, similar to Liang Chuyin, and the other six-star evolved.

They arent your match; I will give you some good things; just kill them. Ye Zhongming didnt care. He cheered for them. The moment they heard it, their confidence increased.

Ye Zhongming was an invincible person to them. Since their boss said that they could do it, they definitely could.

A moment later, that person led a cold-looking middle-aged man over, and they walked before Ye Zhongming.

In that short time, the number of people here reached ten thousand. More people heard of the news and came to see it.

We will take it.

He looked at Ye Zhongming and said those four words.

Is Mr Ye satisfied with this?

The guy took out something and showed it to Ye Zhongming.

Ye Zhongmings pupils constricted, and he nodded.

Since that is the case, then lets begin.

The middle-aged guy didnt waste time and organized for both sides to start the match.

Take it.

Ye Zhongming shoved a few things to his subordinates and told them to enter.

Zhao Jingchen told his men to enter.

He discussed this with C Zone for many days, and this was the start. They had to get the first blood. Not only would he get the profits from the Exquisite Floating Ball, but he would also gain the trust of C Zone to Signal Flag Battle Squad and then earn profits.

He prepared many things for his elites and even used a six-star potion.

Apart from his father and him, this was the third six-star evolved.

He believed that with a six-star evolved and five five-star evolved attacking, the seven kids couldnt last for long.

Some famous people started to appear in the arena. Some commanders appeared. Ye Zhongming even saw Guang Yao and Song Tianze. They saw Ye Zhongming and walked over to ask what was happening.

In a while, Mu Xinfei led Bai Sisi and two guards to the arena. They walked to Ye Zhongmings side, which shocked many. They didnt know what S Zone was doing. Only some who had information from S Zone knew the reason.

Seven against six should be okay, right?

But it is kids against adults, so the difference in number can be ignored.

Someone used the White Mirror and saw that someone from Signal Flag is six-star; the rest are five-star. All the kids from Cloud Peak are five-star; they dont stand a chance.

Dont they have the crystal weapons?

That thing is good, but at five and six stars, the damage is not so easy to do. Moreover, the range is short, and as long as you pay attention, it isnt too dangerous. Its value is to kill mutated lifeforms.

Everything is possible. I dont think Cloud Peaks boss is stupid. What did they bet? I heard it was the Exquisite Floating Ball, job upgrade scrolls, and blue equipment. Would he bet if he didnt have confidence?

All gamblers feel like they would win before the outcome comes out.

Stop the nonsense and watch the match!

Ten thousand people discussed. Such a scene was similar to watching a football match.

Seven teens lined up and looked quietly at their six opponents.

If you reincarnate, remember not to come back to earth! The six-star evolved looked coldly and gave the order to attack.

The crowd held their breath and focused on the battle.

It wasnt normal to see five-star evolved battling each other. After all, this was a high level. Over ten five-star evolved fighting was even more rare. Many people came here to learn.

These teens were washed by battle and didnt panic. Looking at the attacks, they retreated in an orderly manner. Their movement was orderly, and they didnt show any chaos.

The crowd exclaimed as they were moving in unison. It was as if they were cut from the same cloth.

Ye Zhongming smiled.

Then, there was even more shock. These seven teens pulled out a weapon from their bags.

Seven blades! Seven green grade blades!

Warblade Sand Dance!

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