Apocalypse Gachapon - C.755: Arena


Mu Xinfei was numb when she left; one couldnt tell if she was happy or furious.

But she agreed with Ye Zhongmings request. In future cooperation, she let her assistant and Uncle Bao discuss the specifics with Ye Zhongmings subordinates.

If possible, Mu Xinfei didnt want to agree to his conditions as these seemingly unrelated points made her feel an overbearing presence.

His final goal was to have a huge influence in S Zone. It wasnt a simple interest exchange to help her get through her crisis.

But she knew that she had to agree. She couldnt disagree. She didnt have the right to oppose and couldnt even bargain.

After walking back in a daze, she then completely recovered. At the same time, she mocked herself for being too greedy.

She wanted someones help but didnt want to pay the price. Where was there such a good thing in this world?

If the trading partner was not Ye Zhongming, whom Bai Sisi went to talk to, and it was someone else, his conditions would be stricter.

He had the crystal weapons and had plenty of people with whom he could partner. Anyone would be in a better situation and give more than her. So what if he wanted to influence your economy?

As for the final effect, both sides would form a true alliance. Wasnt this what she hoped?

After understanding everything, Mu Xinfei gathered her core members to have a meeting. She announced their cooperation with Cloud Peak and started to prepare to build the new division.

Uncle Bao, send seven million level three crystals to Ye Zhongming.

When they heard Mu Xinfei say that, Uncle Bao and the others were shocked.

Little miss, this is most of our savings. You know that after the situation worsened, the few divisions stopped handing over what they earned. Our two divisions hunts arent enough to support the entire resistance zone. We have to put in much money of our own. If that is the case, we might go bankrupt.

S Zone had reached a severe stage. If not, Mu Xinfei wouldnt be so anxious. But life had to continue. If she passed all these savings to Cloud Peak, S Zone might not be able to continue running. The many bases needed a sum every month to maintain.

Mu Xinfei was solemn, and she crossed her arms. She said coldly, From next month, remove all our support for squads and bases that dont listen to us. Tell them that we are building a new squad. Moreover, we will upgrade the equipment of our two squads, and we dont have any more things for them.

Uncle Bao and the few leaders from the battle squad she brought looked at each other. Uncle Bao said, Arent we forcing them to break away from us?

Havent they already broken away? Mu Xinfei stood up and waved firmly, Tell them that based on our previous agreement, they have to hand over what they earned. If they dont follow it, we will just do what we must.

Little Miss, should we ask the commander?

A leader was worried that the situation would go out of control and hesitated.

No need! She was already at the door, Even if I die, I will die standing up!

Looking coldly at that leader, she said, My father and I are the same.

Ye Zhongming was happy that he agreed with T and S Zones.

He heard people say that when you cant achieve a goal, you either join them or strengthen yourself and exceed them.

Ye Zhongming chose another path: swallow them!

Of course, Ye Zhongming couldnt swallow the entire Resistance Zone. That was also an impossible target in the future, but he could influence them. But this would take a long time, so he could only do it step by step.

There were a few days before they headed out so Ye Zhongming wouldnt sit still and do nothing. After all, they were facing a level-eight mutated lifeform. Even if they had many allies, no one knew what would happen. So, in this limited time, he had to increase the strength of his two thousand.

Mu Xinfei sent him 7 million level-three crystals, so he took them all. At the same time, he discussed with Uncle Bao and brought a batch of great materials from S Zone. After taking half of them for himself, he made the rest into silver equipment for S Zone.

Seeing that Ye Zhongming made so much silver equipment in a day, Uncle Bao finally realized why Mu Xinfei was spending so much. This guy and his faction were unique.

The seven million crystals werent useful on hand. Ye Zhongming kept two million to power the crystal weapons and planned to turn the rest into three-star evolution potions.

Ye Zhongming locked himself into a room with a level three wheel. He spun it while selling the potions he obtained. Either that or he traded for something valuable, such as materials, guns, bullets, other potions, high-level crystals, and even some valuable scrolls.

As Ye Zhongming had to be the one spinning, before the team set off, Ye Zhongming spun the wheel until he vomited. He only obtained 16 thousand three-star potions before he stopped. It was too dry.

He only spent over 100 thousand level-three crystals. Ye Zhongming didnt expect there to be a time when he got frustrated from spinning the wheel. In his last life, his favorite activity was spinning. In this life, it was becoming a nightmare.

But over ten thousand three-star potions, apart from the five thousand he sent to Mu Xinfei, he still had more than ten thousand. These potions were tossed into the market and attracted much attention. Very quickly, there was news of Cloud Peak making huge purchases. Although they werent too generous, they traded many times, and the total amount was shocking!

There was even talk within Sharp Peak Mountain.

Cloud Peak could afford to purchase Sharp Peak Mountain!

From that, one could tell how much Cloud Peak had been purchasing.

These actions would stimulate many people, especially those who didnt like Cloud Peak, like C Zone.

A night before he headed out, Ye Zhongming got the news that a few warriors from Cloud Peak had entered the arena with others!