Apocalypse Gachapon - C.754: Another way of control part 1

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.754: Another way of control part 1

Where is Sisi?

Mu Xinfei was confused when she saw only Ye Zhongming return.

She said that she would head back first.

Ye Zhongming sat down, thinking to himself.

Mu Xinfei guessed what her friend had told Ye Zhongming, and after thinking about it, she told him what she had hoped.

S Zone was in a terrible situation. Because of her fathers injuries, things were unstable internally. The entire S2, even S1, had people tempted. They wanted to break free from S Zone and away from Mu Xinfeis fathers control.

If not for the resistance zones alliance not being easily broken and them not being sure of her fathers injuries, things would have changed in S Zone.

Even then, because of internal disputes and also the eyes of external factions, S Zone was the weakest of the four.

If this situation continues, maybe S Zone will be swallowed by the other three zones! At best, they would be forced to change commanders and made to reorder.

This was what Mu Xinfei wasnt willing to see.

Finding outside help was the best road. Mu Xinfei tried before. This time, in Sharp Peak Mountain, apart from C Zone, S Zone was the one that invited the most outside factions. But reality dealt her a heavy blow. Two of the factions leaned towards the S2 zone. Mu Xinfei spent a huge amount but received no returns, which worsened her situation. More people in S1 objected to her.

One could say that she was on the edge of losing her job.

If someone else took over, they wouldnt allow the father and daughter who had some influence inside to live.

This was why she was anxious and why Bai Sisi begged him.

Maybe because of Ye Zhongming and Bai Sisis relationship, maybe because Mu Xinfei had no other choice, she didnt hide her situation and told Ye Zhongming everything.

Ye Zhongming analyzed and knew that she didnt lie to him. Before they negotiated, telling him all of this gave him a chance to increase his price.

How do you want me to help you?

Ye Zhongming looked at Killing Rose and asked.

First, I hope you can help me craft a squad with full silver equipment.

Mu Xinfei looked at Ye Zhongming and bit his teeth, directly telling her what she wanted.

Next, I hope to get your new crystal weapon.

Also, can we form a strategic alliance? To help and take a look out for each other?

Lastly, if possible, can you allow my subordinates to use the Extreme Light Training Platform first? You know I only have one or two squads loyal to me; each warrior is precious, and I dont want them to die.

Ye Zhongming nodded and didnt reply.

He had agreed with Bai Sisi to help Mu Xinfei, but it didnt mean he would unconditionally help her. His help would be beneficial for Cloud Peak.

Ye Zhongming thought about it and said, Your condition is to strengthen the forces in your hands. You even want to pull Cloud Peak into your conflicts with other factions.

Mu Xinfei was stunned. She didnt expect Ye Zhongming not to negotiate and instead started to talk about her conditions. But she didnt deny that he was telling the truth. As long as her forces were strong enough, no one could shake her father and her position.

She didnt think that it was wrong.

Maybe we can change methods. Ye Zhongming said seriously.

Honestly, your conditions are too confident. Ye Zhongming pointed at the core of the problem: Based on what I know, the Mechanic Fortress is in C Zones hands, the four zones share the Exquisite Floating Ball, and the T Zone has the Holy Army Coat. Your S Zone, and you have nothing.

These three are the only things that can compare with Cloud Peaks crystal weapons. But you dont have any of them, and you dont have any elite items. Why should I hand the crystal weapons to you?

Her face was white, and she opened her mouth slightly but didnt make a sound. She knew what the crystal weapons meant, and she also knew that the T Zone worked with Cloud Peak, using the Holy Army Coat as the basis. Her S Zone didnt have anything good enough.

Also, allow me to be direct. Your silver equipment squad is preposterous. My Cloud Peak isnt full silver, so how can I put your squad ahead of mine? Even if I dont equip my people first, Ying City is before you. They have followed me through life and death for months and should be rewarded.


Ye Zhongming didnt hold back and continued to hit her, Even if there is only one squad that is loyal to you, around five thousand, I dont think that you can afford five thousand sets, 30 thousand silver pieces of equipment!

One silver piece of equipment is worth a four-star potion outside!

The resistance zones crafting job development was far above those of outside factions, but even if you added all their smiths together, they couldnt produce equipment as quickly as Ye Zhongming. Only their intermediate smiths could craft silver equipment, and they did so using weeks as the timeframe.

Look at the strongest C Zone, and you will know. Their Broken Blade squad only had a high proportion of silver equipment; it wasnt a fully silver squad.

The weak S Zone couldnt do that.

Ye Zhongming knew that his huge mental energy and great materials were something the other smiths couldnt achieve. He didnt plan to sell that.

The other two Mu Xinfeis face was ashen white, and didnt give up.

He waved, I dont think there is a need to reply to them as the answer is obvious. I have better partners to form a strategic alliance like T Zone. As for the Extreme Light Training Platform, as long as you can pay, you can use it when we are still in Sharp Peak Mountain.

Mu Xinfeis chest rose and fell. She suppressed her frustration and sadness and tried to speak: I know that these things are only useful for us, but we can use other areas as compensation.

Ye Zhongming looked at her calmly. The contempt in his eyes made her feel helpless. She rested on her chair and lowered her head. Her eyes started to turn red.

She saw Ye Zhongming as her saving grace, but he was going further away from her.