Apocalypse Gachapon - C.754.5- Another way of control part 2

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.754.5- Another way of control part 2

You care too much about the interest exchange. Maybe you think that that would answer to your friend who gave you the chance and help to protect her pride. But sometimes You can change the way you think.

Ye Zhongmings voice entered her mind when she was in despair, waking her up.

Ye Zhongming looked at Mu Xinfei and told her what she wanted to hear.

Actually, there is more than one exchange. Another, is called investment.

Mu Xinfei moved forward and felt like Ye Zhongming was discussing something that could benefit her more.

I cant meet your silver equipment requirement but can help you. Moreover, I can use the materials and blueprints you provide. I will craft. You just have to pay some fees; that would reduce your burden.

Hearing Ye Zhongming say that, her eyes lit up, and she slapped her own leg. She blamed herself for losing her intelligence and not even thinking of such a simple solution.

The Resistance Zones basic structure was formed before the apocalypse. Even after the apocalypse started, only a few survivors were absorbed. The core people were still those from before. These people start to betray you. So, didnt you think about creating a new squad that is fully loyal to you?

New squad? Loyal?

Mu Xinfei was astonished.

She did think about this but pushed it aside. S Zone was in chaos, not to mention a new squad; she couldnt even control her own.

Moreover, was it so simple? Riches! Thousands of potions, tens of thousands of equipment, and weapons. A large amount of job scrolls and skill scrolls Which could be obtained easily?

Even C Zone, which was so rich, had to split up their teams to create a new division and wanted the three zones to help. She was an interim commander about to lose her position, so how could she start her division?

But Ye Zhongming wouldnt say so without a solution. She suppressed her excitement, You, you are saying?

I will help you build such a division. I will provide the potion, equipment, and even job scrolls. You will find suitable people. I think this wouldnt be tough for the resistance zone that has so many people?

Wen Zhong told him these. Each resistance zone brought many ordinary people into their defensive zone. Of course, some were skilled or educated, and some were their families.

After the apocalypse started, these people evolved, but their relatives didnt have a chance to evolve. To date, these humans didnt dare to fight zombies or mutated lifeforms and, thus, didnt evolve.

They also took in more survivors as a workforce, so there were more ordinary people.

It was possible if she selected people from here to build a squad.

Even if these people werent strong enough, she could absorb members from the outside world to complete it.

Ye Zhongming waved, You can move some of your core members into the new division to become leaders; it would help your leadership.

As long as they form, I can let them undergo basic Extreme Light Training Platform training.

But what do you want?

Mu Xinfei didnt lose track and asked quickly.

Ye Zhongming smiled, You cant give me a satisfactory payment, but you just need to agree on a few things. I can consider this an investment. Once you control S Zone, we can then talk about payment.

Mu Xinfei didnt agree and planned to hear his conditions to weigh the pros and cons.

Then tell me your conditions.

Ye Zhongming spread one finger, Firstly, I need professional talents.

Mu Xinfei frowned, Humans arent goods; I must respect their decisions.

Nothing cant be traded in the apocalypse.

Ye Zhongming interrupted her solemnly; he didnt wait for her to say anything and continued, Secondly, I want someone who can design a gun and bullet production line.

Guns were still very useful at the start of the apocalypse. After seeing the resistance zones creating weapons, he considered equipping Cloud Peak with guns. In the recent first two years, guns have helped to reduce casualties.

He could purchase large amounts of guns and bullets, but that was too passive. Thus, he wanted a production line.

Thirdly, if you build a new division, you can recruit in Ying City. Everyone you recruit, I will give a one-star and two-star potion.

Fourthly, before I give you potions to create a division, you must prepay some crystals. Moreover, my potions wont include four-star and above potions.

Fifth, I need a teleportation line between S Zone and Cloud Peak. I also need the rights to set up stores in all S Zone bases!

After saying all that, Ye Zhongming looked at Mu Xinfei, who had closed her eyes, waiting for her to reply.

Interest? What is the interest after all this?

Her hands were shaking. At this moment, she realized how terrifying this guy was. It was as if he had seen a way to control S Zone.

No, he wasnt even hiding it. He was telling him that he was invading the economy of S Zone!

As for investment returns, nothing much. He smiled, Once you control S Zone and become one of the four commanders, then help me purchase Exquisite Floating Balls.

Also, I request Information sharing in the regions that you control!